Jakarta, Indonesia

- Good Day coffee freeze
- Mi goreng x 3 
- Cannon Ball (chocolate snack)
-Qtela chips
- Karuhun chips
- NutriSari


A package from Jakarta, Indonesia. The little pouches may look like teabags of sorts, but be careful when opening - they contain powdered orange juice and iced coffee! Thanks to our correspondent, Sayuti, we may have just found the perfect place for all of you thirsty astronauts to take a supermarket pitstop on the way to Mars.

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I’ve been looking for this TV show forever!!! I initially watched it in Japan. It is called “Hajimete no Otsukai”; parents send their kids (usually aged 2-6 on errands alone)! The kids of course do not know that they are being filmed. The camera crew films their trajectory all along.

Hsinchu, Taiwan

- 陳皮梅 (Chan Pui Mui) Dried plum
- Quaker instant oatmeal
- 日月紅茶 (Black tea)
- 迷你口糧棒 (cookies)
- 麻油辣腐乳 (Fermented bean curd)


To tired English eyes, Chan Pui Mui may look like nothing more than plain old boiled sweets in their wrappers. What little faith! These squishy globes are in fact small plums that have been stewed with citrus peel. Expecting something tangy, sharp, perhaps even a little sour? Think again — these babies have only a gentle, pruney sweetness about them. Just make sure you don’t pop the plastic film in your gob too.

Oxford, England

- A box of Jaffa Cakes

- Candies

- Swan vesta match 

送り主のメモ書きによると、Jaffa Cakeとは、「ケーキにビスケットでもない自己喪失に直面したお菓子」(笑)だとか。その正体は、やわらかいビスケット生地の上に、オレンジゼリー(Jaffaとはイスラエル産のオレンジの種類)を乗せ、表面をチョコでコーティングしたもの。60年以上前から愛されるイギリスの国民的お菓子。

What’s to a Jaffa Cake? Those of us outside of Little England may not be aware of the fierce debate that these circular sponges have stirred amongst confectionary lovers for more than sixty years. The sender of this package sums it up for us: ‘considered neither a real cake nor a biscuit, this is a sweet plagued by identity crisis’. The sweets themselves are discs of soft biscuit, topped with a tangy orange jelly and coated in chocolate. Apparently, ‘Jaffa’ is a type of orange from Israel. The less said about ‘Cake’, the better, perhaps.