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GOM + Kagami + Kiyoshi+ Kasamatsu + Hanamiya + Otsubo's reaction to finding out that their girlfriend likes to sleep naked after finally moving in together.

I love this scenario!

KUROKO: “___-chan,” he whispers as she stripped down, leaving nothing, absolutely nothing on herself. Her body looks even more alluring in subdued lights of their room. Kuroko tries to hide his embarrassment, but ears treacherously turned red, giving him away. 

KAGAMI: His jaw drops to the floor as he opens the door just to see her on the bed, reading a book, without any clothes on. She’s magnificent, Kagami thinks. For some unknown reason he can’t yell at her like he always does with Alex. All cute and red he tries to look away, abruptly covering her with a blanket. 

KIYOSHI: He blushes hard and covers his eyes with big palms. “You… don’t like it?” She asks with upset voice, head low. That definitely was a surprise. For both sides. “No-no!” exclaims Kiyoshi, emotionally waving his hands in protest. “I like you! All of you.” He smiles and hugs her tightly, so they both can feel all of each other. 

KISE: He’s in awe and excited about it. “I want to do it too!” Kise starts enthusiastically undressing himself, now making her feel uncomfortable at the situation. She thought anything could happen, but this. There’s no going back, thus she has only one thing to do: invitingly pat his side of the bed and see how it goes. 

KASAMATSU: “W-what are you d-doing, b-baka!” He yells at her as she takes off her panties. Kasamatsu looks like a tomato, stuttering random words. He unconsciously tries to cover her naked body with his t-shirt. That he just pulled off from himself. ___ chuckles at the same time the realization of what he’s done hits him. Living together is sure gonna be fun.

AOMINE: Leaving the door open while she was changing into her non-existing pyjama is the first mistakes she makes. Aomine, as he was carrying the last box upstairs, saw his ___ stretching her arms up, yawning. Smirk appears on his lips; he puts the box down, creeps into the room and possessively grabs her from behind, “It’s awesome, isn’t it?”    

MIDORIMA: Nothing foreshadowed this. He, just like always, has done his evening routine after finishing unpacking and went straight to bed. What shocked Midorima is the sudden touch of soft and warm skin against his body. “W-what?” He jumps, immediately looking at ___. However, she’s long asleep. Maybe, just maybe… he could get used to it?

OTSUBO: The air in the room gets hotter, but he remains calm on the outside. Otsubo was not expecting this; she always seemed like a girl who’d wear those funny pyjamas… instead of being it like this. But he still loves her and if that’s what makes her comfortable, so be it. 

MURASAKIBARA: The day was really hard, so it wasn’t surprising at all when she found him already asleep in their bed. There were only two thoughts on her mind: joining him and the morning that seemed so promising. In a matter of hours Mura will find his ___-chin snuggling with him, thinking that without clothes she looks even smaller, cuter and is so warm.

AKASHI: Well, this was something even he couldn’t anticipate. It was night and Akashi was already in the bed, waiting for her. After a long shower she came in the room, with annoyed expression throwing the towel away. Just like that, only dim light of the moon was revealing her. “My dear ___-chan, aren’t you beautiful?” His eyes are full of passion.

HANAMIYA: “That was fun foreplay,” he grins, “I almost believed you.” Hanamiya softly touches fresh-made marks. She could only sigh, “I wasn’t lying. I really do prefer to sleep naked.” Oh, it finally clicked in his head – the struggling before wasn’t an act. Oh, then he’s going to take full advantage of this habit of hers. 


Midorima: Give me the ball during the entire second quarter.

Miyaji: Coach, can I hit him?

Kimura: Miyaji, why don’t you throw a pineapple at him? My family runs a produce store.

Takao: *laughs* Just how self-centered are you? I love it! 

Otsubo: You know, I’m at my limit. Do what you want in the first half, but if we lose…

Midorima: *gulps*

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What are the GoM+ team captains' guilty pleasure?

KUROKO: Sewing. He learned a few patterns from his grandma and does it as a hobby.

KISE: Catching up on soap operas—- yes they’re cheesy, but he can’t. stop. watching.

AOMINE: Everyone knows about the gravure magazines, but do they know about the trashy gossip magazines?

MIDORIMA: Likes anime and buys anime merchandise, passing them off as ‘lucky items’.

MURASAKIBARA: Recently tried a low-fat cookie brand and—- actually liked it? Now buys that brand religiously.

AKASHI: Of course he still likes shogi the most, but that Yu-Gi-Oh card game… isn’t bad, either.

HYUGA: If this basketball thing doesn’t work out, he’s been researching how to become a hairstylist.

KASAMATSU: He’d never admit it, but he does read the fashion magazines that a certain blond model is in.

IMAYOSHI: There was one time his team found his Lady Gaga CD before practice, and he tripled their laps.

OTSUBO: Recently tried yoga and really liked it, but don’t tell his Shutoku teammates, ok?

OKAMURA: He’s currently using the internet to try his luck on various dating websites.

HANAMIYA (haha he’s a captain too): He doesn’t feel guilty about any of his pleasures, but his Instagram account has earned him some scrutiny.

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reactions Miyaji , Otsubo , Takao and Kimura when a girl goes to the gym and kisses Midorima saying it's her boyfriend and he confirms

It was just another day of practice for Shutoku…

Well, as normal as it could be at least without Miyaji going ballistic on his underclassmen. As usual, the upperclassman instilled terror and fear within the poor players, and they always looked to their shooting guard for the blame (since it was usually his fault for making Miyaji angry after all).

But of course, no one really expected to see someone they didn’t recognize-you-walk into the gym in the middle of practice to just suddenly kiss Midorima on the lips. Takao looked at his sage-haired friend for an explanation, but he had turned his head to avoid the gazes piercing his soul form.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m _____!”

Everyone only stared at Midorima in shock before he called you by first name and told you to wait for him. Takao had insisted they take a break so they could interrogate you.

MIYAJI is livid at the moment since he wants to chuck so many damn pineapples at Midorima for stopping practice (and having someone kiss him in the middle of it no less!).

OTSUBO is like a dad complimenting his son. Midorima is embarrassed at the moment and you are just laughing at how supportive the guy can get.

TAKAO is complimenting Midorima for being able to score with a girl so early. “I’m so proud of you, Shin-chan!” There are TEARS STREAMING DOWN HIS CHEEKS.

KIMURA is holding back Miyaji. Comments that you should come when practice is over next time so Miyaji wouldn’t have to butcher a carrot.