Oh, man, thinking of Arthur and Francis in world meetings is really amusing. Like they would have their usual arguments (because it’s not a world meeting without them fighting), but after it subsides and when they have a break from the meeting, they get together to pass the time and some of the nations are really confused because they’re not used to seeing them be friendly to each other. But what would really weird them out is if they see either France or England letting out a sigh, like if France walks away to get a refreshment and leaves England alone for a little bit, England would uncharacteristically let out a sigh, like he’s swooning or something and I bet you America would point it out like “You’re so thirsty, tone it down,” and England would look at him and deny it all until France comes back and they start bickering again. But everyone saw it, everyone saw that cute little sigh like he missed France for 5 minites, everyone saw how he swooned, but they know he’s so in denial. And France doesn’t even notice until one of the nations (probably Spain) elbows him playfully and just, man. These two losers swooning for each other, that’s just real cute ahh.

This is the best fanfiction in the history of fanfiction’s to ever exist, truly. I would read alone if your still at that stage where your parents still give you weird looks for spontaneously bursting out laughing, screaming, crying, or all of the above at the same time…

**WARNING: The feels though…**

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Top 5 JeffAnnie moments.

Yay I was hoping someone would ask me this!! But uggh, FIVE though…. damn this is gonna be hard. D: 

My first top moment of the five has to be the entire conversation between them in FF&Y and the Milady Milord culmination to 106. That was the moment I began shipping them. 

My second top moment of the five has to be the held gaze scene (the second half of it with Jeff glancing up at her shyly) in Debate 109. There’s just something so vulnerable and sweet about it, and it’s the first time we see that love-light coming into his eyes along with so many emotions. (!!) 

My third top moment of the five has to be THIS KISS. It’s so electrifying. 

My fourth top moment of the five has to be the held gaze under the tent. No one can held gaze like JA do and that moment is just magic. 

My fifth top moment has to be the Milady Milord memory down in the bunker. The rack shot for that moment is just so beautiful and I feel confident that that moment is sending ripples throughout the beginning eps for Jeff and Annie’s development into a real couple in S6 and that is very encouraging to me. :) 


"Molly… we might want to re-check with the doctor."
"What? Why?"
"Because I think—I think we might be expecting twins."

Sherlock AU: With the aid of friends and alcohol-free drinks, Molly celebrates the announcement of her pregnancy. At the same time, Sherlock shows their son Charlie the baby scans—but Charlie makes an accidental discovery of his own.