imalittleredtorvette replied to your postFunny story about before I started watching Leverage

salty snacks . I CANT. BREATHE. bahahahahahahah PRETZELS lmao

Everyone was going on about pretzels and I was like:


"OOOOOOOKKKKK? Pretzels are tasty…..?" XD

But now that I’ve watched the show and had my heart stolen away from me I’m just like:



I decided I’m going to start watching Leverage later today while I wrap presents. I really just need a break from shows that take my heart, rip it out of my body, then smash it into the ground until it’s just mush. Plus I remember a year or two back one of the people I followed posted a bunch of stuff about OTPretzel (I think that’s what it’s called?) and they looked adorable. 

Funny story about before I started watching Leverage

I follow a good amount of people who watch Leverage and when the new season started a few months ago there were a lot of posts saying stuff like “PRETZELS NIGHT!” and “OMG PRETZELS!” and all I could think was wow these fans really like their salty snacks LOL Now I realize the amazingness of Pretzels and why everyone was freaking out.