so there’s that part in enjolras’s intro where it says he was severe even in his enjoyments and i am PRETTY SURE this is not what victor hugo meant but i just keep picturing his friends dragging him to do 1830’s recreational activities and like

Enjolras playing tennis while doing the grumpy cat face

Enjolras feeding baby ducks and CONCENTRATING on giving them all an equal amount of breadcrumbs

Courfeyrac takes him to the opera and Enjolras HATES IT for five minutes then mentally invents a whole allegory where the soprano represents THE PEOPLE and the tenor represents FREEDOM and he winds up gripping the armrests, SO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED


BIG FOUR MOVIE AUS » Once Upon A Time not a movie but whatever

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"I’ll release you when you return the leather pouch you stole with my jewels." "Not the jewelry type." "I noticed." "What’s that supposed to mean? Are you insulting me?" "No, quite right. My apologies. How dare I cast aspersions at the person who robbed me?"

If you’re curious, watch this video (which was originally the scene I wanted to do. But for obvious reasons, I couldn’t). And THIS one which I based this gifset off of.