Hey everyone. Julie Wright is in some serious need for commissions so she can get her teeth fixed! So in a way, these are emergency commissions. Currently I am offering Sticker, OTPins and Sketch comishes though I am flexible if you’d like to get something different (background, more then two characters, etc). 

Getting in contact with me:

I am more then happy to correspond with you over tumblr, though it might be easier for you to email me at: trydain@gmail.com

My do’s and don'ts:

I like challenging myself as an artist so don’t be afraid to approach me with something unique. However, I am not a furry artist (There are plenty of other people out there that are ALOT better then me at it) so don’t ask me to do those.

Reproduction of art:

All artwork I make is for personal use only (Unless otherwise discussed). This means that whatever I make for you is only for you and should not be reprinted, resold or replicated for any economic purposes.

Acceptable forms of payment:

My buttons and stickers go through Etsy which will allow you to use paypal and your credit card. For my sketches I accept paypal (trydain@gmail.com)

Holy gods, I can finally post this. Stupid phone not wanting to upload it. These are OTPin’s that I had commisioned, well, Suzanne was more or less the commission in this case but still. They’re so cute! I love how they look like they’re plotting something. Makes me wonder what Tony did….Kinda wish I had another version of Loki done now (he’d been in the suit that he wore in Stuttgart) But, I didn’t think about it. Probably should’ve because that’s what he wore all the time when hanging out with her. Ah well, still love em <3 Oh and these were done by LesserkeyStudios. They’re on Etsy and have a whole set of Avenger ones plus others. Yes, I shamefully advertise artist I love. 

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that I’ve added some long requested characters to our OTPins line up! First and foremost, we have Erwin (who has been the top requested character period), alongside with the new characters from free! and we filled out the cast of Dramatical Murder.

Reblog and spread the word about these new buttons!

If you want to pick up these buttons be sure to visit our booth at Otakon! We are table M-03! We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Since the new Phoenix wright is coming up I thought it would be smart by starting to add the PW crew into the Otpin line up. I might add characters more if people show enough interest in them! I’ll also be selling these at Nekocon, but if you can’t wait until then I sell them online too: http://lks.storenvy.com/products/3246945-pheonix-wright-otpins

Don’t see your otp? Commission me!


While during my fall con rush I was commissioned to do Narukami and Yosuke from Persona 4 as OTPins. I giggled the whole way though this (Since at least Yosuke strives to be as straight as humanely possible). Anyhoo, I was contemplating whether or not to do more. If you guys like the idea and would buy P4 OTPins let me know! 

If you can’t wait for me to make them, you can commission me for more characters here: