Arizona’s face really broke my heart in this scene. This episode broke my heart but this scene is where I lost it. You can see by just looking into her eyes how much she truly loves Callie. Callie is giving up on them and as much as Arizona loves and needs Callie in her life she will do whatever Callie wants. Her authority issues have really improved otherwise you would be able to see tears running down her face. Her heart is literally breaking but she is trying so hard to hold in the tears for her wife. She just gave a speech about how much she needed Callie in her life and that was taken away from her in minutes. I’m not taking sides but you honestly cannot tell me that Arizona doesn’t love Callie. When she was about to speak, I feel like she was going to either ask Callie to stay or she would say “I love you” one last time. She was unable to get any words out, that is how broken she was. She willingly forced herself from saying anything. This scene was one of the most powerful scenes in the whole episode. Without her saying a word you are able to tell what she was feeling in so many ways. Arizona loves Callie with all of her heart and that is why she didn’t say anything and agreed to let her go. No matter what happens between them Callie will always be the love of Arizona’s life and that is just shown by the expression of her face in this scene.