*me pointing to a ship* close platonic relationship

*fandom crying voice* no… that’s wrong… they cant be platonic………. stop….. theres no proof…… ………. they look into each other in eyes and hugged like once ……. stop saying this fake thing….

*me pointing to a ship* luv that close platonic relationship

what was your favorite ride at universal

can you believe harry walked up to louis with the biggest smile on his face, put his hand on his shoulder, pulled him back to WHISPER in his ear ‘you were mine’??


and then you know what was even worse?


look at louis’ face - look at his reaction - and then look at harry 



don’t mind me i’m just thinking about Nico and Jason joking around being head councelors for cabins that only have one camper, sitting together at the table and making ridiculous compromises (‘i will eat my peppers if you eat that steak— okay half the steak— please at least eat a snicker before capture the flag?’), actually paring up for capture the flag, watching game of thrones with Reyna and Nico helping them mend their relationship, Nico telling Jason about his crush on Will, Jason being annoyingly supportive—-


I know it’s been said before, but seriously:

How do people find platonic partners?

Like I want to have someone who is important to me and I to them (like a best friend)

But I also want to snuggle with someone and it not have any chance of being misconstrued as romantic.

How would one even find that? Do you just stumble across it and realize later that’s what it was?

Send me a color!

Red: You’re someone I look up to.

Orange: You make me smile.

Yellow: We’re not close, but you seem cool.

Green: I have a squish (friend crush) on you. (“I would like to be your friend.”)

Turquoise: You have a great sense of style.

Blue: We don’t always agree on things, but I’m glad I followed you.

Indigo: [Sunglasses emoji]

Purple: We should talk more.

Pink: Thank you!

Alternative to platonic love

Aristotelian Love – Your partner completes you.

Newtonian Love – There’s a strong attraction between your bodies.

Freudian Love – They’re the partner of your dreams.

Lacanian Love – You want them to want you.

Foucauldian Love – You like to discipline and punish.

Hegelian Love – There’s this whole master-slave dynamic.

Shakespearean Love – Sometimes you pretend to be other people in bed.

Joycean Love – Sometimes you see other people.

Arthurian Love – One partner is married.

Schrödingerian Love – On the verge of collapse.

Heisenbergian Love – Moving fast but you don’t know where it’s going.

Heideggerian Love – When you can’t be without your partner.

Homeric Love – You’re cousins.

Lovecraftian Love – Horrible and indescribable.