Part two of the Dirt Jackal build.  I got a bunch more done on this tonight but it needs to dry. I will get back on it tomorrow. I’m torn between putting rockets/missiles on it or not. The gun in the front looks great but it seems under powered. The comments are open what do you guys think.
For those who are new to our project we are making a low budget film and we interact with the viewers through social networks. Follow us all the way to the theater.

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The Video That’ll Play at the End of the World

Upon CNN’s launch 34 years ago, creator Ted Turner made it clear that CNN would not stop their broadcasts until the world ends.

“We’ll be on, and we will cover the end of the world, live, and that will be our last event. We’ll play the National Anthem only one time, on the first of June [the day CNN launched], and when the end of the world comes, we’ll play ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ before we sign off.”

Turner created the video of a band playing 'Nearer My God To Thee,’ the same song that was supposedly played as the Titanic was swallowed by the sea, and placed it in CNN’s archives under the name “TURNER DOOMSDAY VIDEO.”

When the day comes that the world is no more, CNN will so kindly ease us into our deaths with this video playing on TV’s nationwide.