Omg, you guys remember that post about your world being in black and white until you find your soul mate and then it’s in color until your soul mate dies and it goes back to black and white?

Imagine at the finale of S9 when Metatron tells Cas that Dean is dead but Cas doesn’t believe it because his world is still in color and so then when everything is over, Cas is about to go to Sam and Dean and the second Dean opens his eyes as a demon the color drains from Cas’ world and he stops in his tracks and once it hits him he just looks around like


A Comedy of Errors

A Birthday Fic!

Cas squinted down at the piece of paper in front of him, his forehead wrinkled in concentration. He read over the line he’d just written, and then drew a neat line through the last word, hovering his pen over the page whilst he tried to think of a replacement. He glanced at the clock; he’d been working on this for most of the day so far, and had only managed to grind out two pages. It should flow easily, he thought distractedly, after all this time – but somehow, when he tried to write it all down, it just wouldn’t come out right. And it was important, incredibly important, that it did come out right: for one thing, this was the only present that Cas had got Dean for his birthday this year. And for another, if he did it wrong, if he said too much or too little, if he wrote too blandly or too melodramatically, Dean would probably scoff at the whole thing. He was probably going to do that anyway, Cas thought to himself. He was probably going to throw it in the trash and never talk about it again. Maybe he’d even go as far as throwing Cas out of the bunker, because it would be too awkward to live with him after reading it. Maybe…

Cas sighed frustratedly and scrubbed out the whole of the last line he’d just written. He began the sentence anew, but after a few words, the pen he was using ran out of ink, and he was left scratching indents into the paper to no avail. With a roll of his eyes, Cas got up and went in search of another pen. This was the second time it had happened; maybe Dean’s gift was going to be an embarrassment, but at least it would be a multi-coloured one.

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blueeyedcas asked: prompt: one finds the other person’s wallet on the street and goes on a quest to give it back au (i saw this I just really need it to happen, okay??? plus I would love you forever and ever and ever!!!)

Author’s note: This was such a cute prompt, I couldn’t resist…

Dean Winchester was not having one of his best days. More correctly; this day could easily make the top ten of his worst days. As he patiently waited for the bored-looking guy at the checkout to scan his groceries, he replayed all of today’s events in his mind…

How he’d been late at the office this morning, because his freaking car had refused to start at first. How he’d accidently bumped into his colleague Meg Masters when he’d gotten out of the elevator, meaning that she had spilled her coffee all over Dean’s white button up shirt. How his computer at work had suddenly been hit by a virus, meaning that the report that he’d been working on for three days was gone forever. And yeah, maybe he should’ve made a back-up, but the fact that he had forgotten to do so didn’t help to make him any less cranky.

And now that this horrible day at work had finally come to an end, Dean had decided to pay a visit to the grocery store to buy something for dinner that was quick, easy, and microwaved, because he had no energy left to cook.

“That’ll be 13,95, sir.

Dean blinked, snapping out of his thoughts and mechanically handing over some money. He did attempt to smile at the grumpy cashier, just to be friendly, but aforementioned cashier merely grimaced at Dean in return. Awesome. Apparently even his charm wasn’t working today.

When Dean stepped out of the store after collecting his groceries in a bag that was surely going to fall apart or some shit before he’d even manage to get home, his eyes fell on a small object that he’d nearly stepped on. It was a simple, black wallet. Dean put down the bag and picked it up, sighing tiredly. Wonderful. Now he’d have to go back inside again to hand it over to the store’s lost and found section.

Dean opened the wallet first, to see if anything was even in it, because otherwise it surely wouldn’t be worth the effort…

There wasn’t much, but Dean did find seventy bucks and a few bank cards. He sighed, now feeling obligated to turn it in… He was about to do just that, when he noticed another card. It was a library card. There was no address, only a client number, but there was a name. Castiel Novak. Definitely not the most common name…

And then Dean’s eyes fell on the picture. And holy crap, if that wasn’t one of the most attractive guys that Dean had ever laid eyes on. Bright blue eyes stared at him, their color remarkable and captivating, even though it was a rather low-quality picture. Those eyes were accompanied by a strong jaw and high cheekbones, and hair that could only be described as ‘sex hair’.

Dean grinned, despite the absolutely shitty day he’d had.

“Well hello there, gorgeous.” He mumbled before quietly whistling through his teeth.

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Cas Bakes Dean a Pie - a destiel fanfic

So remember that fanfic about Cas making Dean a pie that there was an audio post made of? Well, there’s a video made of it too. And it is amazing