just casually browsing the people that darren follows on twitter.  did you know it goes in order of how long ago, and as you scroll down, it’s the people he’s been following the longest?  did you know that chris is the first of his glee friends to have been followed.  i mean, yeah, lots of people might say “uhhhhh yeah of course, because he followed him right when they started working together, and they were paired/working together a lot in season 2  etcetcetc…”   but he followed free pavarotti before chris and that’s just gold, really.  bye.

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Kneeling on the hard floor of the small elevator set with cameras just two feet from their faces and boom mics over their heads while they filmed take after take of the kiss, didn't make for the most intimate or romantic of settings. But beneath the smell of hair spray, and stage make up Chris has had the scent of Darren in his nose all day, and now he wants a little more out of those kiss-puffy lips than the censors at Fox would likely be comfortable with. Time to go home.

I have no words for you anon.  Speechless.  Dammit.


So back before Cory passed away I was a huge glee fan, I’d been on Tumblr since the beginning of the show and I loved everything about this fandom and Glee, but once we lost him I couldn’t do it anymore.

I’ve finally just recently started watching again and I don’t want to spend the last season without being apart of this community again so if you are a fan of Glee like this and I’ll follow you!

Thank you!

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Chris wakes up early as usual. It's the first Monday since the show has officially wrapped shooting. For the first time in YEARS showing up to set isn't his real job anymore. He blinks sleepily a few times before he notices the door. Masking tape is stretched in a wide X across the inside of his doorframe. Darren sits up in bed laughing quietly, his arms folded over his chest. The pets are fed. Snacks, a case of room temperature soda, a 12 pack of beer sit by the bed. They're set, they're GOOD.