It’s been a night with a lot going on, so no play on the liveblog. Eh, I’ll just go however the mood takes me. (Running on two hours sleep is certainly helping that mood.) First though, I think I have to try playing with that Hungers Games simulator thing, because it keeps looking divinely painful.


So, the mun’s late to the party it seems, but I’ve actually found this whole “dress color” thing to be fascinating as hell!

Might just be the science geek in me (despite sucking at all my science courses. Go figure.), but the idea that our brains can perceive such minute color shifts so differently on such a widespread scale is REALLY freaking cool!

Could also be because I’m sorta used to not seeing the same colors that other people do at times, so it’s neat to see it happen to other people too!


 ha detto:

Eeee! Requests! It would be rude not to request something! (You’re awesome, I love your Melkor.) Can I request Thranduil one-man-upping Legolas in battles? XD

Hi, thank you for being my first request :D Sorry for not answering directly, but the damn tumblr won’t let me upload both the images