To lighten the AoS Fandom

I would just like to point out that while Philinda talk about Bahrain and death and betrayal and trust, and Skyeward talk about abusive families, rage, or growing up with no families at all, my personal favorite pairing, whom I feel have the closest relationship and best chemistry, have deeply layered conversations about tans and sandwiches. This, is why I ship Fitzsimmons

WHEN Fitz and Simmons are brought to the medical centre after being retrieved from the ocean, they are placed into decompression units to prevent them getting the bends. The first thing Simmons does once she is let out is to sit by Fitz’ bed, waiting for the doctor’s prognosis. When the nurse suggests she go home, sleep, have something to eat, Simmons refuses. After all, she says, he’s been beside her the whole damn time - how could she think to leave him now?