so the first and second “on your lefts" are only like…maybe five hundred yards apart? tops? they’re really close. the first one is actually on that little bridge between the two landmasses at the bottom


steve passed sam the first time, was like wow let’s do that again and ran a lap just around the tidal basin, and passed him a second time

then like did another lap and was like wait where did he go

so he headed for the lincoln memorial and THERE HE IS so he passed him again but be cool rogers just casually running anybody might take this completely nonsensical route

and then ran ahead and lost sam again and so he just ran laps around the national mall until he finally found sam waaaaaaaaaaaay over by 3rd street just so he could flirt some more

also not enough people appreciated that i went on google maps and found all the spots because i am that obsessed with these assholes

In which Steve Rogers is completely a-okay with public displays of affection, so much so that he finds excuses to kiss Sam Wilson right on his perfect face. Most of his excuses are: “Sam’s smile makes me happy.”

Adventures in Romantic Negotiation
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by bob-genghis-khan (idek_idic)

A web of lies and deceit is probably the answer to most problems.

Words: 5909, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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