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Actual Creepy Survey Questions

1. Describe a situation when you felt that you had completely severed ties with reality.
2. Have you ever seen a UFO?
3. Have you ever had sleep paralysis? If so, describe your experience.
4. Have you ever seen what you believed to be a ghost or spirit?
5. What is the most depraved thing you have ever thought about another person?
6. Do you have a habit that people would be shocked by? If so, what is it?
7. Morals aside completely, you absolutely have to kill someone. An enemy. How do you do it?
8. What is the creepiest thing that you have ever seen in real life?
9. Have you ever seen something online that made you completely sick to your stomach? Describe it.
10. Has someone ever lied to you to the point where you never actually knew them?
11. What is your worst nightmare?
12. What is the worst nightmare that you have ever had?
13. If you were attacked on the street, do you truly believe that you could defend yourself?
14. You manage to survive a plane crash. Now what?
15. Have you ever had a medical condition that you were afraid to tell people or your doctor about because it was too gross or taboo to bring up in conversation?
16. What is your opinion on people who are really into serial killers?
17. Do you think it’s justified to kill someone who has killed others? (i.e. the death penalty, revenge killing, etc.)
18. You’re being chased through the woods by some unknown but horrifying creature. You’re there, an acquaintance from work that you’re alright with is there, and the greatest person in your life is there (s-o, family member, etc.). The person you like more is lagging behind. Do you push the acquaintance down in order to save your loved one’s life?
19. If all of the world’s social, economical, and environmental issues would be solved, but in order to do so, a small village of children had to be slaughtered brutally, would you agree to their deaths?
20. Were you ever told that you were being problematic? Why?
21. Did you ever have to stop yourself from saying something so horrible that even you were surprised that you had thought it up?
22. Have you ever said something so horrible to someone that they have completely kicked you out of their life?
23. Were you ever told that you were being creepy? What were you doing?
24. What disease would you wish on your enemies?
25. Would you explore a large abandoned building at night with only flashlights to guide you?
26. Have you ever explored an abandoned building/house/property? Did you find anything cool?
27. Have you ever explored an abandoned building or property by yourself?
28. If you could be, which classic slasher villain would you be?
29. Are you more of a Mulder or a Scully? (not creepy but it’s a good question)
30. Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion?
31. What would be the absolute worst way to die?
32. Do you believe in unexplainable phenomena?
33. Do you ever walk through graveyards at your leisure?
34. What is your favorite scent on a person?
35. Would you eat an endangered species?
36. If offered to you, would you willingly eat human flesh?
37. What would you do if you unknowingly consumed human flesh?
38. You’re in an antique store and happen upon a human skull. After asking the shop owner, you find out that it is real. What do you do?
39. Do you think it is okay for people to own the skulls of dolphins and other cetaceans?
40. Have you ever collected animal bones or skulls by finding them in nature and cleaning them?
41. What is your opinion on taxidermy?
42. Do you believe in aliens?
43. Tomorrow on the news it is confirmed that alien life exists and that it is intelligent. What is your reaction?
44.  Tomorrow on the news it is confirmed that alien life exists and that it is unintelligent. What is your reaction?
45. Do you believe in cloning humans?
46. If it were possible to preserve your brain after death only to bring you back in the future, would you go through with it?
47. If the option became available to upload your brain into a computer system and live inside a computer simulated world where all things were possible, would you chose to do this?
48. In your opinion, what is the most terrifying sea creature?
49. In your opinion, what is the most terrifying land animal?
50. Do you believe that your government keeps terrifying secrets from the general public? If so, what do you think they keep from us?


NEW VIDEO: “Council Of The Mis-PUN-derstood”

This week I was KIDNAPPED by a group of (not so) scary men in hoods trying to stop me from making puns… But let’s just say I showed them why people call me the PUNisher.

so, i was late on the 2014 follow forever so i decided to just make a 2015 one !! these blogs are the ones that i’ll be following forever ! all throughout the year of 2015 :-) i love everyone here (i might forget some people so please check out my blogroll !)

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who you are

I want to be your friend. I want to shake your hand, clasp it with my other hand, maybe give your shoulder a firm squeeze. I want to smile when you smile, the kind that shows up all over your face, especially in your eyes. I want to care about your life, the good parts you are proud of and the scary parts you don’t want to show. I want you to know you matter. I want to matter to you. I want to be a neighbor and a friend.

I want to know what you mean. I want to feel what you feel. I want to understand you, even if I couldn’t possibly know what you’re going through. I want you to know I care. I want to know who you are.

I want to laugh together, cry together, celebrate and mourn together. I want to have a drink, share a story, listen to your favorite song. Create a memory that will last, even for just a little while. I want to do all this, but if you don’t want to, then I wish you only the best.

Everyone Has A Bad Day, Some Worst Than Others

It seemed oddly too quiet tonight, hearing the waves gently crash upon the beach felt almost ominous. The air was chilled and light snowfall could be seen, the whole cove remained untouched. However she couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that was rising within her. Something was going to happen tonight and it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience. Blue eyes scanned the area as she stood from her front doorway, nothing she could see nothing.

The waves being a little bit more wild today she couldn’t tell if there was anything waiting in the water below her. Normally she’d take a swim and make a round of her territory, tonight she knew the water would be unkind to her. Perhaps she’d be safer closing up and fortifying her hive as she does for when she’s away. Walking back inside she does so, starting with her windows. The weight of her swords on her hips comforting and yet they were anxious too she felt.

Once going through all her windows and her doors, the hive was locked up pretty tight. Yet she felt no safer than she did before, and then she felt them. Unease as she could feel her hive being surrounded, sensing that there were a lot more trolls then she’d ever dealt with at one time. Grabbing her husktop she opened up trollian and sent the same message to everyone.

EB: There’s trouble herr, don’t come to my hiVe for aWhile.

And then she signed out and hid her husktop away, there was a pound at her door. Several pounds, and murmuring outside her walls, the pounding increased.

“Mutant come out!” Anger boiled up within her, they can’t even address her by her name.

“Sorry I don’t knoW anyone named MUTANT herr, you have the the wrong hiVE ya pricks!”

Suffice to say the attack on her hive was relentless, she stood ready the weight in her hands and the rush of adrenaline and the anger. Eyes narrowing she waited, her door finally burst through, easy target as her swords went straight through their throat with efficiency. There goes the first one, another rushed in, tried hitting her with a flail like weapon. Sword through the gut, easy. Two.

They filtered in quickly, three five, eight, ten, thirteen in all. The space was too small to fight, her things were knocked around scattered broken upon her floor. Though quick and nimble she worked with the narrow spaces well, but each troll she downed was another one that got in. Poking he rbody with holes, massive bruises, tearing open her skin, she could see some muscle tissue, and everywhere hurt like a thousand suns coursing within her.

The last guy was big and wasn’t going down and she was starting to falter due to blood loss.  Also swords, a sort of kinship was formed small and breakable, suffice to say she danced the better dance.  Her floor was a mess of blood and misc body parts as some entrails and fingers and arms and even a leg or two were displaced.

She needed safety and she needed to get into the water to heal. Slowly she grabbed a few esstnetial, and lifted a carefully mad trap door and slipped into the underground tunnels. Where she wrapped her wounds and stitched them best she could. Should would have to stay down here for awhile to have time to mend these wounds. Though many of these were pretty serious.

Now she waited.