otp: i'm always with you

I’m not in my ‘good-self’ through weeks and now all this thing with Sunggyu makes me feel really worst… I don’t know what so fucking bad he did to gain all this hate… And to think about that some people are leaving the fandom. GREAT, INFINITE DON’T NEED FANS LIKE YOU AND YOUR FUCKING CHILDNESS. YOU WERE NEVER AN INSPIRIT TO BEGIN WITH. But in the other hand, I heard that people are telling Gyu to kill himself. ARE YOU A FUCKING RETARDED OR SOMETHING??? This is not a thing to tell someone. You guys are sick. Really sick. Go get a life and stop waiting for the next one that will slip for you to step on. Like I said, Sunggyu and INFINITE don’t need people like you. Oh God it all makes me sooooooooo fucking pissed and sad. I will never left INFINITE because like I said so many times, I am a proud Inspirit. And the most important thing: I will support Kim Sunggyu forever, as well as INFINITE!! 

Let the haters to me Gyu-oppa~

To whoever sent Gaia hate, you are one childish little prick. If you have guts to send hate to such a wonderful soul like my Gaia, then wow, your life must really be down in the dumps. Rest assured, she is very loved, and trust me, no unimportant messages like yours will ever lead her to do any harm to herself. I hope somewhere in your empty shell, also known as your brain, there’s still one hopeless neuron flickering, and that it clicks after you read her well-mannered reply. This is also called “grow up”.

And I’m not sorry to inform you that nobody is completely anonymous online, and that the bloggers in this website aren’t clueless about the internet. I was raised beside two tech-savvy men, no, not teenagers, men. I can, oh and I will, find you.