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Can you do an AU where Castle and Beckett are writing a television show together

"C’mon, Beckett," he whined and she lifted her brow in his direction without looking at him. She absolutely abhorred when he called her Beckett, even moreso that it had developed while writing Marlowe together. “The fans love when we write together.”

She wanted to laugh, really, because she never quite saw her co-head as someone whom would troll the fan blogs and forums for what they thought about the episode. She supposed he could have gotten a lot of it from Twitter.

Even after she’d been verified - whatever the hell did that mean? Of course she was a real person - she’d barely found it’s use worthy. Most people were writing her asking her for details on the new episode, she barely had time to think about the one she was writing, let alone an episode they’d produced weeks before.

"Rick," she laughed finally, letting it out of her system. "We are writing this script, or at least I am. Now, stop pouting and help me… I’ve got Marlowe stuck in a pretty sticky situation and not exactly sure how to get him out.”

"Well," he beamed at her. "It would be my pleasure to help."

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