Laura: *seductively touches Carm’s hair*

Carmilla: ‘pffft. I can be seductive too, watch meee’

More proof that Laura’s a top

anonymous asked:

since you are my fave kaisoo account, can i ask to see your favorite kaisoo moments?

ohhh thank you hehe i’ve had this ask a few times so if anyones sick of these same old moments i’m sorry (well i’m not but yeah) i’ve got a lot of fave moments and i think if posted every single one it would be  a very long post so i’ll share a few

jongin talks and defends about their movie nights

and kyungsoo agrees

i don’t want to eat with this hyung (ty chanyeol)

poor soosoo

and you can tell jongin feels bad about it


it was prob cause he fancied you tho tbh

jongin and the cookies

i love this moment cause soo is smirking like he’s remembering a funny time or something,like jongin tried to cook for him or something and it went wrong

this dance


tried to pinch his nipples


bye forever

this is the other view of the nipple attempt



ksoo is usually very polite but when the girl leaves he was the only member not to say bye to her

and then theres jongin

who pouts like a 4 year old

kyungsoo can’t see for shit like and jongin was facing the other way

so please explain this

how he saw that from all the way over there

jongin was the only member not to want to hit soo and i know lay doesn’t put his hand up but he had to “heal” the member who got hit so that’s why he couldn’t put his hand up

hand holding, ksoo looks worried about being caught (not anymore tho recently tbh)

then he kinda rubs his crotch or thigh

i love you

the fact jongin looks and soo stares in jongins eyes bye surely if your bro was doing that you’d look elsewhere like chanyeol does

jongins face says it all tbh

what does kyungsoo want for his birthday

no homo right


i have so many more but it was getting a bit long ha