i just want to say I’m really sorry for for ranting, swearing and being so bitter. I’m sorry for reblogging the same thing 100 times and not tagging it. but my favourite character just died, and my 11 year OTP will never grace the screen again. I’m really emotionally distraught. just wanted to say sorry and thank you for still following me - even though i completely understand if you don’t want to anymore. love ya all

[iQiyi Interview] Interviewer asked Yixing about Luhan’s birthday. Yixing replied with “Ah... Lu-ge... Yeah I know he is going to celebrate his birthday soon. When it’s his birthday, I hope he will be happy on his birthday and his career will go smoothly as well. I remember when I was a trainee, Lu-ge took care of me really well. Brothers forever.”

cr: namja1too4