Princess Choco with her dad!Hyuk and her mom!Hae // Hyuk took a Choco fanboard and cover his own face then started imitating Choco’s barks, Hae also started imitating. When they had to choose the VCR they decided to let choco choose so they stuck the fanboard onto the box, the fanboard suddenly fell and Hae grabbed onto Hyuk’s hand. Then Hyuk asked “What are you doing? What are you doing?” // Hyuk got choco fanboard. He says to pray for her health. Mum informed Hyuk yesyerday that Choco is well and can jump around already. (x) (x)

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Theres this weird blog thats shitting on Kaisoo and basically tagging their posts as homophobia and i want the kaisoo tag back so can you please your beautiful posts about your favourite moments where kaisoo talk about each other or something of that sort. Aye aye captain

i would suggest you block the people who are doing that and try and enjoy the tag as you can but yes ones where they’re talking about each other hehe

this one is prob one of my fave moments

cause they look like these little moments mean a lot to them? because they can’t go to the cinema

and then the mc is like pitiful, bit rude, and jongin being the angel he is sticks up for it and soo nods, pretty cute

soos face always makes me laugh like don’t reveal anything else jonginnie

school uniform fetish?

jongins cute poem

between the four of you ha

how cute

again one of my faves

he can’t think of anyone else hahahaha

why are u laughing he went all shy

everyone basically chose jongin


jongin is me

this is the moment that inspired a lot of kaisoo fan art work

why is she asking kyungsoo like


awww he dances when he’s happy but he doesn’t dance in the shower often

are u sure that’s all he saw

amongst other things i’m sure

gonna count it these 2

one of my faves

i always find these two really cute


i still don’t get this moment

like what do you mean jongin, and soo looks away from the camera like jongin please be quiet

i always find this moment really cute

cause i feel like jongin regrets saying that a lot?

i don’t think it was due to that tbh

excuse me while i die


Ummm… so yeah. This happened. It’s based off of the drawing I made the other day which I added into this. It’s really sketchy and whatnot. I didn’t wanna go all out on it. But yeah. My headcanon that Sasuke broke down crying the first time he held Sarada after she was born still stands. Hope you guys like it! Read left to right. I didn’t make it left to right this time.