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I'm sorry if you've been asked this a lot, but I love the way you do your eye makeup! Do you have any tips for how you get it to be so on point?

omGOSH thANK U ANON!! i’ve been asked some times but i never know how to really answer?? idk how to make tutorials or videos or anything lmao but i can try to explain it.. with arT


1. this is my eye w/o makeup. mind you, my eyelids are really heavy so depending on my angles, my eyeliner can look really weird so my top line will always b a lil different from yours (still works tho)

2. i use a random angled brush. i can’t remember what it’s from, but it’s not like you need to spend money on “fancy” brushes lol. i used 2 use an angled paint brush before, and before that, a paint brush i’d angled myself w scissors. i drew the brush w liner on it because my brush specifically has almost “hardened” (from drying out) so its form is solid, and i can literally use it like a pencil and make thick, confident lines w/o fear of loose hairs, bending, etc. i clean it regularly ofc. i also use maybelline’s black liner gel 

when i draw the bottom line, i simply follow the curve of my natural eye all the way to the outter corner. however, instead of stopping right there, i go a little further just to show it’s angle. then, when i do the top, i follow the same step. both lines will eventually meet.

3. by this step you’ve basically made urself a sort of “lineart” for the liner. between step 2 n 3 you can decide on how you want the wing to work (i.e. u can make it longer than the example, or shorter like the middle eye of the three examples to the right)

4. i don’t put liner on the pink of my eye as it makes it smaller (for me anyway). basically u just fill in!! from here u can shape ur liner to be even more this or that. i drew some variations on the right c:

5a/5b: when i’m done, depending on the angle, with a clean finger, i’ll very subtly wipe and pull up on the skin, following my line (imagine ur cleanin up excess powder or somethin). this will get rid of that bluntness on your wing n give u that sharp stabby look. wipe/clean away at the smudge as u see fit

IDK if this helped buT if not i can always pretend i’m funny n try to make a video… or answer more questions lol. hope this was of some value anon! :3c


Hace unos días me di cuenta de que a cierta hora mi hermana iba al living a tomar una foto desde uno de los balcones del departamento, me dijo que todos los días le tomaba una foto al cielo (preferentemente cuando el sol se escondía).

Así que decidí hacer lo mismo durante estos días en mi casa, y dude no hay nada que se compare con ver los ocasos antofagastinos desde el sofa <3