I’m back! ^^ Unlike most times when I leave, where it’s just me going to my grandma’s house for a couple nights or the Wi-Fi’s down or I’m just being a lazy little asshole X3, this time was different.

First, I went on a boat tour of the 1000 Islands (it’s basically a cluster of islands in the St. Laurence river, which flows from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes) with my mom, dad, brother and grandma a couple days ago. Heading there, my dad got a bit lost, so it took us nearly three hours to get there when it should have only taken one or two. But even then, the tour itself was amazing! I practically stood at the railing the whole time, since it was a beautiful day, and the islands themselves were amazing! It’s too bad we only went on the two and a half hour tour and not the five hour one… We could have gotten a tour of a castle with the rest of it… Anyways, I got a few pictures from the tour, but I’ll need to get them from my grandma’s camera~ ^^

Then, yesterday, I went to both the Museum of Nature and the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. Personally, I liked the Museum of Nature better, but that’s mainly because technology really isn’t my thing. Although I nearly freaked out a few times, because the Museum of Nature is four stories tall, and I’m kinda scared of heights…

Anyways, then today my brother’s friend came over, so we’ve been hanging out, playing Black Ops: Zombies, eating pizza, fishing… Just the regular. I haven’t really gotten a chance to come back until now… ^^”

Oh, and then I come back and I see I have three new followers! That made my day~! :D So, while I have this chance, welcome to my blog, nellrobinson, otherwordy and geekexaminer! I hope you like it here~