Other Fun Stuff

  • TV powerhouse and all around badass Shonda Rhimes was awarded the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award and delivered an incredibly inspiring, humorous 8-minute speech about the progress women have made in the entertainment industry. It’s a little long, but hey there’s a Beyonce reference!
  •  It’s the holidays, and that also means a time for kissing. The New York Times asked 18 of the best actors this year to star in 9 short films called 9 Kisses. They’re all wonderful and unique but the highlight was definitely this dreamy scene between Benedict Cumberbatch and Reese Witherspoon. Also Youtuber Blake Grigsby made a mistletoe contraption to see if he could score some holiday kisses and was very, very successful. Tis the season!
  • You might have heard this story about a Harvard professor that got all up in arms over a $4 discrepancy in his take out order. Most of the Internet was outraged over this apparent bullying of a small business/mom and pop shop and the Professor has since apologized on his website. Here’s an interesting take on the exchange though that highlights a different issue. No matter which side you support in this, the restaurant handled the situation very humbly and their most recent statement about the support they’ve been getting is a great model to all businesses.
  •  Lastly, another Mad Max trailer has dropped and this movie looks like it’s about to redefine epic.