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The Signs Respond to: "We Should Break Up"

Aries: Great! I’m so much better off without you
Taurus: Good luck handling everything by yourself
Gemini: Okay bye
Cancer: Wow why? you definitely are not what I thought you were
Leo: Haha, you’ll regret this so much
Virgo: Do you have any good reasons or are you just plain stupid?
Libra: Hmm, you don’t want to be with me anymore? why???
Scorpio: You’re absolutely right. I can do way better.
Sagittarius: But are we still friends?
Capricorn: Yea we’re done
Aquarius: okay, take your time!
Pisces: What’s wrong? Is it because I’m a Pisces?

Most to Least Likely to Cheat.
  1. Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius.
    they need lots of space and usually dislike commitment

  2. Libra, Pisces.
    talk about crushing all the time

  3. Aries, Leo, Cancer.
    they need to feel loved and wanted. Aries also needs a bit more of space

  4. Virgo, Capricorn.
    they value commitment and loyalty above all.

  5. Scorpio, Taurus.
    talk about permanent relationships

Warning: there is more to you than your Sun sign, so just because you’re a Gemini doesn’t mean you’re not faithful. same goes with Taurus, who can be totally devious.