The Autobot Special Ops:

We know almost zero to nothing about that…

Has anyone noticed? Other than the fact that it is some kind of spy division for the Autobot army, the fact that Prowl is the founder (in the IDW at least).

The only known agents are Jazz, Skids, and Getaway, Mirage (I think…?), and the only mission we know about is the failed attempt to take down Tryest.

Am I the only one who noticed this?

There is literally an entire  division of the Autobot army that takes part in incredibly dangerous missions, specializing in covert operations— That we know nothing about–

And NO ONE has EVER tried to explore this?



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Allow yourself to be a beginner. A beginner at life, at being more spiritual maybe or whatever it is that you are trying to tackle.

We can be so demanding of ourselves sometimes and if we don’t succeed right away we get discouraged or think that we aren’t capable. When that happens, throw some compassion and kindness to yourself and know that making mistakes and perceived failure don’t define who you truly are.

Since I’ve been a kid, as a perfectionist, I’ve had the bad habit of wanting to be good at whatever I do immediately but that of course is the ego speaking and is not a realistic expectation. With time and by watching others try, fail and get back up again without feeling less than, I’ve become inspired to do the same.

Living life not trying something because you are afraid you won’t be good is like living life in a prison you have created for yourself. You could be free but choose to stay between those walls you have set up all around you.

I love looking at life as blank slate. Every day is a fresh start. I can begin my morning having released any negativity from the past and focus on the potential each moment of the day holds.

I truly believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that means that every day we are here to learn something new. We are meant to make mistakes and look silly and that is alright.

We are beginners at life every morning and can choose to hang on to and carry all the heaviness of our past or let it go and start fresh.

Look at life from the eyes of a beginner today and see how you could shift your perspective from one of fear to one of courage and unconditional self love. No matter what you do, know that all will be well.

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