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cs + picking out each others clothes for a date (extra fluffy would be the bestest) <3

"How about this?" Emma wonders, holding up the blue shirt next to the black vest in her other hand. She’s standing in nothing but her underwear, damp hair spilling down her back.

Killian glances over, equally damp hair falling over his brow. He makes quite a picture, her pirate, with his dark jeans riding low on his hips and his chest bare for her greedy eyes (oh boy does he make a picture). She tries to keep her gaze resolutely on his face because damn it, they’re already running late since he insisted on sharing her shower — we’re conserving water, Swan (pffft, ‘conserving water’ her ass, her skin is still humming for God’s sake).

He eyes the garments, lips pursed and brow furrowed in thought. He scrunches his nose at her then shakes his head. “Too many impeding layers for after.”

She rolls her eyes and sets the vest back into place in her — their — closet, offering the shirt on its own for him. “A little presumptuous of you, don’t you think?” 

He grins at her then, wide and toothy, eyes dancing mischievously, and damn it, her stomach flips of its own accord because he’s so stupidly handsome, and fine, it’s not presumptuous at all (they probably won’t even make it to the bed, if she’s going to be honest, and she sighs — hello floor, my old friend).

He doesn’t say anything, simply pulls out a red dress and wiggles his eyebrows at her. “This one has a ‘zipper,’” he announces (and she wonders how the word can sound so salacious on his tongue).

His choice of her dress for the evening is also skin tight and he’ll probably have to peel it off of her later. She takes it from him and throws both it and his shirt over her shoulder, then reaches out to grasp him by his necklace and tug him forward until their bodies bump. His arms automatically circle around her waist, fingers pressing into skin, and she sighs again because she can actually feel her body coming alive and answering the unspoken call from his.

They’d been at this for almost an hour with no sign of actually committing to their date outfits and she’s fairly certain they’re not going to make their dinner reservations at this point, so…

"We could just stay home, order take-out, and be naked," she tells him.

She feels his body jerk as his eyes hold hers steadily, and then suddenly he’s stooping low to hoist her over his shoulder. She squeals while he carts her out towards her — their — bed, laughing when he deposits her with a bounce and begins to crawl over her, mouth pressing kisses over her quickly warming flesh.

"I like the way you think, love." 

She feels his smile against her heart before his mouth crushes against hers.



Marilyn Monroe ABC >> O >> Outfits

Marilyn Monroe was one, and still is, one of the biggest fashion icons of our time. Although Marilyn is often seen in glamorous gowns and makeup she preferred to wear jeans, sweat pants, and other kinds of relaxed clothing. She did not wear bras most of the time as her boobs were perky enough and she preferred to be more comfortable. Marilyn was known to be one of the first female movie stars to wear jeans publicly. She felt confident and sexier when wearing less glamorous clothes. Marilyn's natural beauty is a lot more attractive and more real. She felt more like Norma Jeane and herself rather than Marilyn Monroe who people thought she was 24/7. Marilyn wanted to be loved for being a natural woman, not the glamorous Marilyn Monroe.

The thing about being a student is, some days you’ll have it together, and cook real, nutritionally balanced meals and wash your clothes. And other days you’ll be trying to pass off southern fried chicken sticks dipped in chocolate pudding as dinner and wearing the dirty shirt you threw on the floor like a week ago

kind of following up on the bodyswap thing i drew earlier. not rev dipeon but more like. they put on each others clothes bc they dont feel comfy w/o em. hc that dipper has a bunch of clothes gideon bought for him that he just never bothered to wear up to this point. dont ask how dipper in gids’ body found really Shit clothes to wear in that boys size and also dont ask how gideon hasnt killed him for messing up his perfect hair

Wearing each other’s clothes

Stiles pauses, furrows his brow, leans closer, narrows his eyes, opens his mouth to say something but then balks. He turns to Malia with wide eyes, gesturing widely at Scott, who’s standing there looking very confused because what the hell is wrong with Stiles??

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Antonio constantly flirting with Lovino while they're modeling at shoots~

their outfits getting mixed up and they accidentally wear each other’s clothes

or if they don’t have a shoot together one day, toni decides to meet lovi after his shoot and take him out to this new restaurant that his manager recommended him.

So, I’ve barely been sleeping lately and I got in pretty late last night and I was just fucking exhausted, right? So, after I take off all my clothes other than like my shirt and my boxers, I realize that I’m a little bit too warm so I decide to take my shirt off, and that’s literally the last thought I remember having. Then, today, I woke up with ONE arm still in a sleeve of my shirt because I apparently was too tired to get it all the way off. Fortunately for me, I got to sleep in - fucking finally - and yeah.. I should be good for another few months, now, as far as sleeping goes.


Sylvia: *deep breath, speaking very carefully* “I didn’t catch your name?”

Ada: "Yeah, guess Alvin forgot to tell you he hired me and all. It’s Ada. Nice to meet ya."

Sylvia: "H-hired… Right. Do you have other purple clothing, by chance?"

Ada: "Not really, why?"

Sylvia: "Nothing that’s m-maybe a little m-more… that covers your bikini area, at least?"

Ada: "Nah. Don’t worry about it, though. I’m back here, they can’t see anything."

Sylvia: "I’d really rather you w-w-were clothed better. Please. I w-would have told you that, of course, but I w-w-was— *aggravated sigh* I didn’t hire you and w-wasn’t consulted."

Nathan Watts: "Leave the lady alone, geez! It’s her body, she can do whatever she wants with it."

Sylvia: "W-well yes, it is, b-but—"

back when i had a good job i used to buy nice expensive things and the best thing I ever bought was this fuzzy sparkly cardigan from Evil Twin. Now I am broke and too fat for all my other nice clothes but, girl, i got this sweater and its so warm i just sit here unshowered, total hot mess, smoking out of a corn cob pipe and i don’t give a fuck because i love this cardigan so much

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Sofia von Blaze: "Oh my excuse me pretty woman why do you dress in black surely there is something else you own to show the world how pretty you are"


"Oh I have plenty of other clothing. I just were this because it’s the most useful."

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I'd like to imagine that serena and Dawn would be great in a relationship because I have a headcanon where they love to dress each other up in cute clothes and stuff and go to the salons and spas and just be pretty together :3

And take cute bubblebaths together and wash each other’s hair and paint each other’ toenails ahh

Today Will Be Different

Lhaina played around with her wardrobe, trying on one outfit from another. It came to the point where she sat in front of her mirror with only a robe wrapped around her body and her damp, uncurled hair floated over her shoulders. “I will smile today, I will walk outside and let the air fill my lungs. I will taste the crispy autumn pumpkins that fill the air and I will find a job. I will live a normal life and make friends. Today, will be different.” 

Then on she began to smile to herself, wondering which one looked real and fixing whichever one looked fake. It came to the point to where her lips were too numb to twist up or down she just let them purse in a straight line and her eyes filled up with sadness and anger. “I can do it.”

She tossed herself off of the cloth bench in front of her dresser, walking towards her wardrobe where she began to try on other pieces of clothing until she finally picked one outfit she was happy with.

"I will meet someone. I will make a peer, or a friend. I will find someone I can finally spend a few days getting to know then see if I can do this with another person… I can find people to talk to. Right? Right!" She answered her own question, squealing and jumping out of her seat.


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Will you consider doing a GFH of not rvb characters? Like redesign Weiss or Ray and the boom GFH character.

Ah….probably not? GFH is strictly a RvB AU….

I mean…I have already redesign Ray and Weiss and stuff in other clothes a bunch of time ahahaha….and I probably will again soon ouo! sorry ;;;;;;

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washing jeans like other clothes can be bad for them but In General putting them on the delicate setting is usually fine. otherwise it can fade + roughen the denim over time. but yes, you should wash your jeans when they need it but not before then. or do what you want, that is only what i do

im going to wash my jeans everyday regardless of whether ive worn them or not

Been hooked on canned coffee lately…especially, Moriyama Caffe Latte”… Gaah… It’s hard living so close to a Japanese grocery store that carries so many delicious things… Not to mention they hold “events” almost every damned week with “limited” goods to entice you… T 0 T sigh

I felt obliged to buy some melon and butter flavored caramels from the Hokkaido Gourmet food fair today (I had to really resist from buying other stuff… guh) , and I think I’m going to be making another trip tomorrow since it’s my day off, for some Sakura Mochi and Edamame Natto that’s only available for the remaining duration of the fair… T__T;;; So uhm…this is essentially where all my extra earnings are going to… instead of on new clothes…or other things I actually need (I think it’s been a whole year since I’ve purchased my last piece of clothing. I mean… it’s not like I don’t have any wearable clothes, but I kind of wish that I wasn’t so lazy/stingy to invest on updating my wardrobe…) haha…. v_v;; There are just… bigger things that I need to save up for…

In other news, I finally, got a fresh new pen and some nibs! I’ve already burned through a big pack of nibs that was intended to last me a while. I’ve been using deleter pens (nib holders) for the past few years, and I’ve been INTENDING to purchase the Tachikawa brand for the longest time, but I guess I’ve just been lazy about ordering it online, and it was difficult to find it in stores at the time. I was surprised to see it at Kinokuniya on my recent trip there and picked it up right away!

The width around the Deleter pens are really thick, so my hand would be in a lot of pain after long periods of using them (can anyone say, arthritis….). The Tachikawa one, as you can see in the above picture, is thinner with a nice little groove around the area where your hands would go. It even has a nice, soft rubber for extra comfort. *_* Ugh I’m so happy and excited to use it.


Here’s a quick-and-dirty preview of what I’ve been doing. I’ve made all the pictured clothing, other than the shoulder wrap (and that’s just a placeholder until I can get the real one made)

Sorry that most of the colors are washed out, it’s dark outside and this is the best I could get in artificial light. There are still a few more accessories that need to be made and I have to find her other tabi sock (luckily, I have geta that will fit her).