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↳ specially for kintokie​, Happy 3 months belated Birthday Qistina! ♥


Ed Sheeran sings Im in love with the CoCo. 

Attackonthenarutotitan Requested: Can you do an EXO reaction to when you(their wife) tell them that they have to have "the talk" with their child. You can choose the child's gender, if you want. Thank you!


Xiumin: Why me? What can’t you do it? What’s wrong with your mouth?


Luhan: Of course she tell me to do it. *sigh* 



D.O: How do I go about this? Do I just sit him down and tell him? While were eating?


Suho: Let daddy sing you a song of how it all happens.


Lay: Son, let me tell you, these fingers are very important


Baekhyun: Just come here and let me tell you how babies are made and stuff. The faster you sit down, the faster we can get this over with!



Chanyeol: Your dad has a song for you, it’s about exactly how you were made


Tao: To be honest, I’m not sure what happens myself. But when it happens, it happens


Sehun: The thing in your pants. That’s all you need, son. Along with stamina. That’s it.


Kai: I don’t need to educate you on this matter, I’ve seen your search history


Harry during One Thing - February 25, 2015.

thank glob for good practicioners

I’ve been having a rough time with my right shoulder and neck lately. It might be from the gross a… (……..wow my cat is being a crazy tonight. Must be the storm)…amount of snow I’ve been shoveling the past month, or it could be the new routine or the way I sleep or a million other things. I have no idea but thankfully I know a rad couple who study kung fu and joint setting/healing. Anywho, the dude works with me and I mentioned it to him the other day so today he was like “Pants, c’mere for a second and sit” and I did. And he set my neck and shoulder and it kinda hurt but OH MAN DID I EVER FEEL INSTANTLY BETTER. I’ve haven’t felt this much tension release in my upper back since early fall. 
Feels so good I just wanna cry (T∀T)♡

So to all those people who practice the art of healing-  YOU DA BEST PANTS LOVES YOU.

Now Imma go chase my cat for a bit.

Addendum to last post: this isn’t just a “have a positive attitude!!” post. This is definitely a “attaching a negative connotation to art will seep into people’s reception of your art” aka if you keep saying something is terrible, people will continue the cycle. They will see a lack of confidence and in turn will read it as a lack of skill. And if you ever hope to improve or make money off your art, this is something you need to cut at the root.


Breeding Papillons

Our dog, Skipper, played the stud today with little Vikki. Her owners are breeders who found a picture of Skipper via social media, and drove several hundred kilometers today so these two could stand back-to-back for 18 minutes today.

The Papillon is the oldest breed of Toy Spaniel: it is so named because the characteristic large upright ears resemble a butterfly. Like other dogs in this lineage, it was originally bred to hunt mice, rabbits, and other small game.

The Papillon’s coat is soft and delicate, and was reportedly bred this way because these dogs were meant to be carried inside of the owner’s jacket in winter, acting as little living radiators.

Hopefully, this pairing was a success, and there will be a little litter in May!