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 141220 Jonghyun with EXO’s Sehun - Twitter Update 

나곧 호빗봄….ㄷㄷㄷ떨령 

Trans: At SMTOWN @ Coex Artium…. I’m going to watch Hobbit…. *trembles* nervous

Cr: realjonghyun90
trans cr: MINHOLE

potential concept / information leak on jonghyun’s solo! long story short, because stuff has changed since i started writing up this post: a dj named dj fenner posted the picture above with that original caption yesterday, proceeded to edit the caption and then delete the post altogether. not much focus was drawn to it until the announcement of jonghyun’s solo debut and, of course, this is has changed because information leaks are a big no with sm. (the same thing happened with ian eastwood a few weeks before taemin’s solo.) the rapper mentioned, iron, is a well known underground rapper who is part of the same “crew” as such rappers as: marvel, kidoh, supreme boi, kyum2, rap monster of bts, samsoon, illipse, daenamhyup and dj snatch. he’s currently signed with polaris entertainment (the same label as ladies’ code). a picture to confirm iron’s prescence at this specific shoot is here. the guitarist in the picture above is a member of yb, a popular group in korea that’s been around since the early 90s. (yoon do hyun is a member, the guitarist only joined the band in 2011.) there’s further rumors that the mv was shot either yesterday (december 19th / 20th) or over the last few days. obviously take the last part with a grain of salt and even this overall post, but it’s completely possible considering how things went with taemin’s solo “leak”! (s/n: this is dj fenner’s soundcloud)

also, jonghyun and iron followed each other on twitter in the last day. this picture was also posted on the official facebook of the drummer with the caption “video time”!