Wanna update to OS X Yosemite? Here's everything you need to know.

Yesterday, Apple officially launched OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the most radical design change to OS X since its launch! With more translucency, features like continuity and a brand new faster than ever language (Swift) it trully shows why Mac OS X is the best OS around!


But how do you update your beloved Mac to OS X Yosemite? 

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Hooray! Mailbox for Mac now in public beta, complete with draft support and snooze to desktop

Today is a big day for Mailbox: we’re pleased to announce the public beta of our Mac app and the launch of several new features including draft support and the ability to snooze messages until you get back to your desk. 

Mailbox for Mac

Back in April we demoed an early version of Mailbox for Mac, the desktop companion to our mobile inbox. Since then we’ve been inundated with requests for access, and today we’re excited to begin rolling our public beta.


Here’s how the beta rollout works: if you signed up for the wait list, keep an eye on your email over the coming weeks — we’ll be sending you a small attachment that we call a betacoin. This coin will unlock your copy of Mailbox for Mac and turn on the mobile “snooze to desktop” feature.   

If you haven’t yet signed up for the beta, you can do so here. We’ll continue to improve the product and grow the number of testers over the coming weeks.


Draft Support

Support for drafts is one of the most common feature requests for Mailbox and becomes even more important when managing an inbox across multiple devices. Along with the rollout of Mailbox for Mac beta, we’re also launching draft support for Mailbox on desktop and iOS (coming soon on Android). Drafts are saved locally to the device you’re on and automatically synced across devices when you’re signed in with your Dropbox.

We hope you enjoy our updates! Please give the new features a test drive and send along feedback to mailbox-feedback@dropbox.com. As always, we need your help to get this right, and we are so appreciative when you take the time to share your thoughts.


- The Mailbox team

What does the official Tumblr app do? Two things. Two fascinating things.

Before anyone writes in, one of the things—a site-specific browser for the Tumblr web app—definitely isn’t fascinating and barely qualifies as a thing.

The other thing looks like it’ll come in very handy:

It lets you post to Tumblr from almost anywhere on your Mac. If a window has a share button, you can share things from that window to Tumblr.

App Store



  • Ubuntu LTS
  • Linux Mint - (Best jump for Windows users)
  • ArchLinux
  • PuppyLinux
  • Elementary OS **my distro of choice** - (Best jump for OSX users)


  • LibreOffice (Win/OSX/Linux) - Alternative to Microsoft Office
  • VLC Media Player (Win/OSX/Linux) - All-codec player.
  • Transmission (Win/OSX/Linux) - Torrenting.
  • Thunderbird (Win/OSX/Linux) - E-mail client.
  • Mozilla Firefox (Win/OSX/Linux) - Web browser.
  • Audacity (Win/OSX/Linux) - Audio editing.
  • Clementine (Win/OSX/Linux) - Alternative to iTunes/Windows Media Player.
  • EasyTag (Win/OSX/Linux) - MP3 tag editing.
  • InfraRecorder (Win) - CD/DVD and ISO burning.
  • OpenEmu (OSX) - Compilation of various emulators.
  • XLD (OSX) - CD ripping.
  • Thoggen (Linux) - DVD ripping and converting.

GOING GOOGLELESS (Not open source, but great for privacy!):

  • Maxthon Web Browser (Win/OSX/Linux/Windows Phone/Android/iOS) (based on Chrome without Google flavor)
  • DuckDuckGo search engine
  • Copy (Win/OSX/Linux) - Fantastic alternative to DropBox, iCloud, and Google Drive (15GB Free to start).
  • Spotify (Win/OSX/Linux) - alternative to Google Music.