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Let’s say you minimize a Safari window to your dock. 10 minutes later, you’re working in Typed and you want to reference something in that minimized Safari window. So you hit ⌘⇥ to bring up the task switcher, tab over to Safari and release ⌘. Except that minimized window doesn’t pop open, it stays in the dock when Safari takes focus. Before today, you were probably using your mouse to click on the minimized window and muttering under your breath. Reader Ed Lipp, Jr. reminded me of one solution to this problem:

Next time you task-switch to an app with a minimized window, hold ⌥ while releasing ⌘ and the minimized window will restore.

But let’s say you have a few minimized windows and you want to restore a specific one when switching to an app. Task-switch to an app and (while still holding ⌘) hit the 1 key. This will switch you into window selection mode, which supports arrow-key navigation. Arrow over to the window you want restored and hit ↩. Boom, app is in focus and your window is restored.

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Display Maid is an app for keeping your displays tidy and managing your workspaces.

If you use an Apple laptop with an external monitor you probably know how frustrating it is trying to keep apps and windows organized when you have to unplug your display. Everything gets jumbled up on your main screen and when you plug your display back in you have to manually move all of your windows back over to your external display.

Display Maid will save and restore your window positions so you don’t have to waste valuable time managing your window positions.

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