• Name: Isla Patton
  • FC: Dana Kaplan
  • Age: 20
  • Major: Pre-Medicine
  • Hometown: Oxford, England
  • Status: OPEN

Isla is hard headed and will do whatever it takes to get her way. When she has a goal she puts all their focus and energy into it until whatever the goal was finally comes into being. This includes her personal relationships, which scares most people away. The ones that stay with her (like Olivia) despite her fierce interests that seemingly change with the winds she deems nigh irreplaceable and would protect with her life. (Which is a high honor, considering Isla’s greatest fear is failure, especially failure through death.)

Dr. Graham Williams-45-Paleontology Professor-Billy Burke-Open

"Maybe if you would have paid attention in class you would know exactly what it is that we are avoiding!"

When you hear the name Dr. Williams you immediately think of the wild half of the dinosaur dream team that makes up the paleontology department at Georgia Tech University along. Along with Reed Donovan, Graham Williams is in charge of filling the minds of students with facts and evidence that has been buried in the ground for over sixty-five million years. If you ask any student about him, most will rave about how laid back and cool he is. He can captivate a classroom and truly teach students without having to constantly berate and discipline them. Graham wasn’t always a teacher though. The old saying those who can’t do, teach does not apply to him. 

While in college and grad school, Graham worked alongside Alan Grant on all of his digs. During his time with Grant’s team, he met Reed Donovan. The two, though polar opposites, make a great team. Every dig they did together was successful. Not only did Graham learn his extensive knowledge of fossils from Dr. Grant but he also learned the true value of a team. Graham applies that philosophy now to his life. He will only work with specific people. He wants to work with the best of the best and that is what he will get. 

Reed and Graham have been friends for fifteen years now. Graham was the first to accept a teaching offer from Georgia Tech. Two years later, he convinced Reed tro put away his tools. When Graham was personally called by Tim Murphy,  he was intrigued. He had heard about what had happened in the past and worked along someone who had experienced it first hand. He didn’t take the decision lightly though. He and Reed argued the pro’s and con’s for two days before reaching the decision to accept Mr. Murphy’s offer. Picking five of the best students from his class and letting Reed choose four from his own, Graham is excited to see the island and be able to show his students what he has been teaching them about all along.



Bethany Livre × Seventeen × Student × Lucy Hale × Open


❝Who they were❞

Belle was a rather odd soul in a small provincial town. People always thought she was rather aloof, with her nose always stuck in one book or another. Even books that she’d read twice already. But it was her favorite, you can’t blame her. She was a dreamer  even back then and often fantasized about finding true love and going on adventures. 

That chance finally came when she had to rescue her father from a castle. A castle that contained a beast. Belle traded herself for her father’s freedom and stayed in the castle with the beast. At first she defied him and his orders, choosing to only make friends with his servants. But slowly, she came to realize that he was more than just a beast. 

Perhaps it was a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome, but Belle came to care for him. And it was her love that turned him and his servants into humans again. Belle loved Adam even after he was no longer the beast, because it was the man behind the beast she had fallen for. She had broken his curse with true love. 

❝Who they are now❞

Bethany is a little goody-two-shoes. She never stays out late and she’s always on her best behavior. You can most often find her in the library, where she’s become good friends with Rachel, or in her room. In either place she’s probably got her nose in a book. Why go on adventures when you can have them without ever leaving a comfy sofa?

Bethany is ranked first in her class with a 4.5 GPA and she’s proud of it. She’s not a know it all and doesn’t shove her success in other people’s faces, but she does like knowing that her hard work doesn’t go to waste. Always willing to help other people, Bethany also runs a tutoring business through the school to help her peers with their homework. 

Every good girl likes a bad boy though, right? Bethany refers to it as “Good Girl Syndrome” and keeps it to herself most of the time. She shouldn’t like Adam, he runs in a completely different crowd. But maybe the status quot could give them a break. Bethany tutors him every Wednesday, and can’t help but hope he might feel the same way about her. But he’s probably too cool for a nerd like her. 

  • Name: Olivia Jobs
  • FC: Danielle Bradbery
  • Age: 20
  • Major: Architecture
  • Hometown: Oxford, England
  • Status: OPEN

Olivia lives right next to the mansion on Routledge Circle with her best friend Isla. She is bubbly and far too ‘adorable’ for her age. Seemingly trapped in a time loop, she’s easily excited and sometimes prone to mood swings, though the highs stay much longer and the ‘lows’ aren’t often very low (that she shows, anyway.) On the flip side, this naïve attitude leads to a blunt honesty and ideas that are sometimes brilliant (or crazy) in their simplicity.

Thomas Abrams- 24-Reed Donovan’s TA-Joseph Gordon Levitt-Open

"They don’t exactly teach you how to kill a dinosaur in county…"

To all of the paleontology majors when it comes to the TA’s there’s one that everyone wants to be their tutor, mainly the girls; Thomas Abrams. This quiet, shy Masters student is happy to help but when invitations are extended in his direction for parties, coffee and dates he usually bows out gracefully. Most think it’s simply there’s the unspoken rule that TA’s can’t fraternize with the students but the truth is far deeper.

Growing up Thomas was nothing but the nerd. The awkward kid who couldn’t find a good hair cut or wardrobe. On top of that he was freakishly smart so the only attention he ever got was when the pretty girls needed their homework done or a jock needed a lab partner for an easy A. Then his junior year of high school rolled around and things began to change. His new step sister turned out to be not so wicked gave him a hard dose of reality on high school and how people actually do care what you look like, act like, not dinosaurs fossils and how many millions of years they roamed the earth. She helped him get a new haircut, new wardrobe, and new outlook on everything and just like that Tommy was born. It didn’t take long for his ego to catch up to his new found popularity and the next four years went from books, dino club and homework to parties, girls & recklessness. By his senior year at *whatever college they’re at*  ‘Tommy’ thought he was Superman and nothing could touch him that is till he got busted with enough pot to make the stoners in Pineapple Express jealous. Turns out even with the looks, the clothes and everything that goes with it the pretty girls still just want to use you to hold their dope.

He was able to get off on probation since it was his first offense but it made him re-evaluate everything.  He kept the clothes and haircut for the most part but all of his focus went back into school and he rediscovered his love of paleontology when he took a few classes just to ease back into things. Now studying his masters and back at the top of his game, he assists Professor Donovan with Mariah Malcolm and feels like Thomas again. Being told countless stories from Mariah about her father’s experience on the island he knew he had to get there someday, somehow and now his chance is here and he won’t let anything blow it, hopefully. There is one student, one female student who’s caught his attention but a few things make him cautious mainly that he thinks she’s beautiful and her last name is Sattler-Grant…needless to say this trip is going to be the ride of his life.


  • TA of Dr. Donovan
  • Works with Mariah Malcolm
  • Secret feelings for Kacie Sattler-Grant
Nagu sa nägid, pole su elul enam sind vaja. Ta saab ilma sinuta väga hästi hakkama. Juhib trammi kui vaja, teeb poes vajalikud ostud, lobiseb ja armatseb naisega. On ju päevselge, et sina ei ela enam oma elu, et elu elab sind. Ja mida enam sa säärase eluga lepid, seda vähem tal sind vaja on. Sinu naeru, sinu nägemist ja trotsi. Vähehaaval, nii et sa ei märkagi, hakkab ta tegutsema sinu eest. Hakkab mõtlema sinu eest.
—  Mehis Heinsaar, Artur Sandmani lugu

Mariah Malcolm- 25- TA to Professor Donovan- Mila Kunis- Open

"What did dad always tell us… Never trust a damn Hammond!"

The middle child of the Malcolm children, Mariah is the more outgoing of the four. With her mother’s beauty and her father’s brains, she learned to interact with others in a way that was all her own. Don’t let the kind words dripping from her lips fool you though. She knows how to shoot the shit. She has a wit that most men would kill for. She can twist her words to sound one way but she means it in an entirely different way. Her kryptonite though  is Savanna. She is extremely protective of her younger sister. She was beyond thrilled when Savanna decided to attend Georgia Tech University That way she could keep a watchful eye on her sister without having to worry about her from miles away.

It was so surprise when Mariah was accepted in Georgia Tech University. She had the highest grades in her graduating class. What was a shock though was that she majored in anthropology instead of math like her father and her older brother Joseph. Not only did she major in anthropology, she also majored in botany and graduated with a minor in paleontology all in the first four years of college. Impressed with her work ethic and determination, Reed Donovan offered her the open position he had for a teaching assistant for his class. Now working on her Masters in anthropology, she is using the trip to Jurassic Park as extra credit. Although excited, she is afraid her father will find out and prevent her from going at all costs


  • Daughter of :Ian Malcolm
  • Sister of Kelly, Joseph, and Savanna Malcolm
  • TA to Dr. Donovan
Pátek, den sázek legračních.

Sázkařský miniseriálek má končit na veselou notu. O tom žádná a čím veselejší, tím asi i stupidnější. Jasně, řeč bude o sázkách, při kterých účastníci nasazují vlastní čest jako protiváhu jakéhosi ponižujícího úkonu. Třeba se proběhnout nahej v trní nebo po prohře o sobě vybubnovat cosi sebedehonestujícího. Samo, někdy se daj vsadit i prachy, ale o ty teď nejde. Tihle chorobně závislý jedinci sice trochu porušujou ono páteční pravidlo, páč se vsázej vlastně furt a na potkání, ale v pátek potkávaj nejvíc vhodnejch protiobjektů.

Do nějaký tý sázky se pouštěj ihned, bez rozmyslu. Jak jen je i minišancička a objeví se i minizáminka v podobě jakéhosi nesouladu názoru, je sázka na světě. Někdy sice i vyhrajou, ale zhusta je jejich prohra tutovkou. Smutné? Ne, pro ně ne, opravdu, pro ně ne. Jejich věhlas jde ruku v ruce s ostudou, postupně sílí a roste až k hranicím legendárního nedosažitelna. Nejprve přesáhne metu nejbližších kamarádů, pak oblíbené putiky a když už se zoufalec proslaví i v pracovním kolektivu, tehdy si na obecný posměch tak nějak zvykne. Naučí se s ním žít. V tomto stadiu už opravdu nehrozí žádná sebereflexe.

Nejzábavnější je sledovat takový to sázení o něco nesmyslnýho. Tomu holdujou právě týpci, co se rádi a vlastně neustále o něco přou. Oni snad nejlíp vědí kolik má piáno strun a klidně to rukou dání seknou i s ladičem. Hned nato se vsadí o jinou, pro ně naprosto zásadní, podobnou kravinu a tak pořád dokola. Co na tom, že tu platí panáky, tu lítaj nahý vokolo kašny. Jim prostě nevadí kousanec do kyselého jablka prohry. Jedou podle úsloví: „Ať jsem bit, hlavně když se peru“. Jo to jsou ti, kteří si asi dělaj dobře tím, že vyhrávaj druhý.

Trochu podivný připadá, že je to, až na ojedinělé případy, klučičí doména. Ono taky ženských klaunů aby pohledal. A tak se nechme pobavit těmito neobyčejnými chlapíky. Při dnešku seknou pěkných pár zhovadilostí. Nejvýživnější budou asi ty, které se uzavřou tak někdy kolem půlnoci, prostě tak krapet pod vlivem. Pátek, den sázek legračních.

  • Name: Owl Greyson
  • FC: Joe Sugg
  • Age: 18
  • Major: Music
  • Hometown: Chester, England
  • Status: OPEN

Owl is an asshole. A womanizing (though it’s not necessarily limited to women), boozing, chain smoking, loud, snarky, asshole. And he’s so cool that it doesn’t fucking matter. One look with that wry smile and a calculated movement of his body and he can have anyone wrapped around his finger. The mask rarely slips, but if you’re lucky, or he’s stupid, sometimes there’s a little flash of a softer side hidden underneath all that leather.

  • Name: Eli Dua
  • FC: Avan Jogia
  • Age: 18
  • Major: Field Biology
  • Hometown: Chester, England
  • Status: OPEN

Eli is a hippy. He appears to care genuinely about everything and everyone around him, often carrying a light “It’s all good man” attitude. He almost never gets truly mad, simply “disappointed” or “sad” and if he is wronged by someone, he’d much rather talk it out than get into any sort of physical altercation. But this doesn’t mean that he is a doormat, and he expects an equal pull from his friends. If things can’t be worked out, then he cuts ties amicably.