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"What many Wastelanders don’t know is that I was responsible for the construction of the turnstile and Thinner pump system in OsTown. The Transport Tubes are a particular favourite of mine. But no, why should anyone appreciate that? Oh no, it’s not like I’m the only one who gets anything practical done around here, I don’t even…..”

((Uh-oh. He’s off again. But enjoy the concept art while he calms down; he might be a while….))

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Like most days, Wasteland was looking quite alive, with Toons going about their business left and right.
Ortensia was one of them.
Currently occupied with carrying groceries from Mean Street to Ostown.

With two large bags in her arms, and one resting around her arm, she couldn’t quite see where she was going.

It didn’t take long before the cat eventually bumped into someone.

"Goodness! Oh, I’m so sorry! I honestly didn’t mean to bump into you." Ortensia quickly aplogized, still not able to see who exactly she bumped into.