> Transportalize yourself immediately to that dick’s ostentatious royal hive and seek him out to deliver a good punch to the fucking face because wow if there’s one way to whip you into a shrill frothing rage instantaneously it’s a good old fashioned mola mola spam.

IMO Oliver has the exact same kind of love for Felicity that Slade had for Shado, though the latter was in a more nascent form, and much more problematic due to complicating factors like age difference, Slade’s entire life being violent and having fewer loved ones and good relationships off island, etc.
It’s a courtly love, and largely chaste, which is romantic love, just not the sort you feel for someone you intend to actually be with. That doesn’t mean they don’t find the woman in question attractive - nobody ever felt courtly chaste love for someone they found unappealing - but neither do they let themselves feel a strong sexual pull. The object is off limits in some way. Married, obviously a big one. But “too good for him” is another. And part of the attraction is the self-denial of never acting on it. Neither Slade nor Oliver were going to lunge at Shado/Felicity and screw them through the floor. It’s a reductive love in its way, and helps them avoid intimacy/commitment. I mean you kind of have to integrate those feelings to be in a relationship, and as much as I love O/F, I think it will take time and a whole other romantic storyline for her before either of them sees her as someone who is likely to wind up in bed with him.

So I really take “the one you love most” as “the one who most reminds Slade of the way he felt about Shado.” Slade thinks he squandered Shado like she was nothing. If Felicity was sleeping with a friend of Oliver’s and he believed she was safe with him so he could feel peaceful, and then while his back is turned they get in a situation and one of that guy’s old girlfriends walked out alive and Felicity doesn’t, there would be a mix of guilt (I should’ve been there), outrage (he didn’t value her, how dare he), betrayal (I left her there with him and that trust was violated), and regret and never-to-be-satisfied frustration that he never made his own move.

Blood was summarizing what he got from Slade’s monologuing at him. We understand more about Slade than Blood does. We know that Oliver loves a lot of people and that if Slade is only going to kill one, it will be about the symbolism. Nobody in Oliver’s life fits except Felicity. Plus Slade would be the most attracted to her himself. Sara leaves him cold, and I think Laurel would too. When a man is threatening a woman like that there’s a sexual element to it on some level, because a man power over a woman being used against her violently carries that with it, even moreso when the woman is targeted because of her perceived “ownership” by the man who is the villain’s real target.


Taiki just sitting there reading German for fun AS YOU DO (when not German)

I did a search and you know, it’s the Internets so bear that in mind, but it looks like the book is called “The Sharpness of Reason” and ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS


It’s like every time you peel back another layer of Taiki THERE’S ONLY TWENTY MORE LAYERS OF PRETENTIOUS CRAP



myug pa - slightly bend the head, run, roam, stroll about, show ostentatiously, boast about [JV]

myug pa - (tha dad pa) myugs pa, myug pa, myugs„ 1) search for; 2) pop the head out/ up; 3) move, shake, tremble, flicker, run, roam, stroll/ idle about, show, exhibit ostentatiously, boast about D)/ slightly bend the head D [IW]

myug pa - ft. of {myug pa}; to run, roam, stroll idle about, to show, exhibit ostentatiously, to boast with; {myug pa, myugs pa, myug pa, myugs} trans. v [RY]

anonymous said:

As an asexual and a ginger do I get twice the power or separate demonic and asexual powers?

separate. we don’t do package deals, or sales. everything is as bland as possible, to counterbalance our ostentatious architecture


Edie Meidav: This summer I was happy to read the novel of a friend of mine whom I met back when we were both studying with our late, great mentor Peter Matthiessen—Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility. Amor’s own trajectory as a writer may or may not be surprising as a paradigm, as he laid writing—if not thinking about writing—aside for years and returned to it as a pursuit only once he felt he could keep a roof over his head. One aspect fellow writers might find impressive: the novel does not parade its research ostentatiously, going into Golden Age New York with great empathy for its female characters. Meanwhile, I’m hoping to assign My Struggle by Knausgaard ahead of time to those who might be interested in taking the Creative Nonfiction class I may be teaching in the spring, with David Shields’ Reality Hunger helping light—or provoke—the way. And I’m holding Ben Lerner’s 10:04 as the antipode of my Moral Fiction class this term, as well as Evie Wyld’s All the Birds, Singing, but am also happy to be revisiting White Tiger by Aravind Adiga and Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson, among others. I’m also heading into reading Emily Dickinson’s letters. To end with a question that may just answer itself: why is it that poets’ letters carry such brio into prose?

Jeff Parker: So, while in Lisbon I read The Wrath of God: The Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 by Edward Paice about one of the greatest natural disasters in history. It was strangely exhilarating and terrifying. Other than that, it was all Russians all the time in prep for my Russians seminar.

Dara Wier: I read Witold Gombrowicz’s Cosmos, Ray Johnson’s Not Nothing, Edward Koebek’s Nothing Is Lost: Selected Poems, Robert Kaplan’s The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zen,  Russell Edson’s The Tunnell: Selected Poems, Kirk Varnedoe Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art since Pollock, John Cage’s Silence: Lectures and Writings, Johanna Drucker’s Graphesis: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production, and Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing by Brian Dillon and Marina Warner.

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Ӝ Mikey

yay I’m so glad someone asked about Mikey!

Gender: Male but with a certain fluidity about it. Not macho or effete, not gender queer, but… there’s a bendiness there.
Sexuality: Predominantly straight but willing to experiment and give things a try. Not hung up on it. Goes with his heart. (or his dick, depending how you look at it)
Romantic: Completely and totally and utterly, unashamedly, unabashedly romantic… but not traditional about it. Mikey is the guy who loves anything that leads to fun, passion, excitement, adventure and excess and that will extend to how he expresses his romantic side as well.  He wears his heart on his sleeve and loves to express himself and make his feelings known, without shame or inhibition. He’ll create the most extravagant, out there, ostentatious and imaginative gestures and he often likes to have an audience for it so you best be prepared… it doesn’t occur to him that this would make you uncomfortable, he thinks you would love it… and would be crestfallen if you didn’t… but would take it on (after a bit of sulking) for next time. It wouldn’t deter him from trying to charm you with romantic gestures, always trying to top himself. Mikey also enjoys romantic gestures and doesn’t need them to be traditional either - he appreciates something grandiose but it also quite simply satisfied. Set up a pillow fort, his fave video game, a selection of awesome snacks and he will swoon into your arms. Mikey is a flirt and a rogue and there’s a part of him that loves everyone he’s with but he leaves the I love yous for when he’s really in love. He’s insightful and sensitive and will always do his best to make you smile and give you a lift. However as much as he can be attentive and demonstrative he can also be lazy and self-involved and even thoughtless at times and needs a hard smack upside the head. He doesn’t mean any harm and is mortified if his behaviour hurts you but that won’t necessarily break the habit. He’ll always do his best to make it up though and remind you how special you are to him. He can also get bored easily and want to take you on adventures. Which may be exhausting. Ultimately Mikey is very devoted, generous, loving, genuine and passionate as a partner, even with his faults, when he gives his heart for real. And the rest of the time he’s a lot of fun. And cares about you. He won’t be a douche, not even to a one night stand.

theres so many like……….christian teens at my school u know the type of person like theyre very nice people but i could never actually be friends w them bc our values and outlook are just fundamentally different :/