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My school is less than an hour away from Oso. It is devastating. The number of deaths and missing people is overwhelming. If you can, please help. This is the worst natural disaster ever recorded in Washington State history. Even worse than Mt. St. Helens. My school is raising money for the people of Oso. Every penny counts. Guys, Oso is a small town. That’s a lot of people for a small town.

For those of you wondering about the Oso mudslide here in WA

FEMA is turning people back at gunpoint.


People bearing donations of food and clothing.

Concerned family members.

FEMA has the place locked down.

Some of my militia associates showed up with food, water, clothing, bulldozers and other such tools and heavy equipment.  They were literally turned away at gunpoint.

This is happening in my county.

Where is the news coverage on this?

A Good Samaritan defied official orders to stay out of the mudslide debris that covered an area of Washington state. Kody Wesson managed to pull 22-week-old Duke Saddarth and his mother, Amanda Skorjanc, from the mudslide and get them the medical help they desperately needed.

Rescuers keep searching despite overwhelming obstacles

(Photo: Ted S. Warren / Pool via AP)

Authorities announced Thursday night that the official death toll after Saturday’s mudslide in Oso, Wash. had risen to 17, but warned that the total number of victims was likely to increase. The rescuers, many of whom are volunteers who hold other jobs, have vowed to remain at the site of the slide until they are no longer needed.

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Before and after photos show the reach of a square-mile-wide landslide that killed at least 14 people in Oso, Washington state on Saturday.  What appears to be a sandy line perhaps indicating erosion cuts through the trees in the picture on left — a line that appears to line up with the “top” of the landslide in the photo on the right; officials say that residents knew of the heightened risk of landslides for years.   (Photos: Google Earth [l.] and Ted Warren / AP via NBC News)


((This isn’t getting enough attention.

The Oso landslide happened on on Saturday march 22. and recovery has only been set back by heavy rain and thunderstorms

Over 30 are dead, and about 90 are missing- this is the biggest natural disaster in Washington history.

 Oso is two hours away from my home, and it’s frighting to see something happen so close, to close for comfort.

I love my home state because no matter where you go, there is that small town closeness, and there is always someone willing to help.

These people need help, and in any form will work. 

These people who survived this in oso are giving up their homes, to help their neighbor.

and they are working hard every day. and are in moarning of the love ones that they have lost.

you can donate here.

Any help is welcome, and needed. even if its not cash, donate clothes, food, blankets, medicine.

Please help the people affected by the Oso Landslide. 

you can find more information here))


Oso Washington experienced a horrible tragedy on Saturday March 22, 2014 as a giant mudslide covered a mile of highway 530. The number of confirmed deaths is now up to eight and the reports of those missing is over 100 as this slide covered a number of homes in this rural community. This months record rains is what is thought to be the main reason for this unforeseen event. My thoughts are with those still searching for their loved ones and my heart breaks for their loss as this is a area of Washington that I visit often and the people who live there have always been so kind to me and my family. If anyone wants to donate any money for the relief efforts for those involved they cant text the RedCross to 90999 and a $10.00 donation will be charged to your cell phone bill. You can also donate by calling 1-800-REDCROSS or online to Northwest Response. 

Donations have been pouring in to help victims whose homes were destroyed in the landslide that ripped through Oso, Wash. The disaster could end up being one of the worst in Washington state’s history. So far at least 25 people have died and officials say the 90 people who are still missing are unlikely to have survived. Volunteers are working around the clock to feed, clothe and house those who have been displaced.

We’ve compiled a list of organizations that are accepting donations. See how you can help.

REMAINS OF THE FALL  A resident walks through a debris field Monday in the wake of a massive landslide in Oso, Washington state.  At least 14 people are dead and 176 missing after a mile-wide swath of mountainside essentially turned into “quicksand” and cascaded onto the valley below.  The area has had double its normal rainfall in recent weeks; more rain is forecast for today. (Photo: Genna Martin / The Herald via AP / USA Today; caption via USAT)

Deadly mudslide in Washington

This image, taken from an airplane, shows the best view I’ve seen of a mudslide just east of the town of Oso in rural, northwestern Washington State.

The mudslide occurred at about 10:45 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, March 22nd along the Stillaguamish River. As of the time of this writing, there have been 8 people confirmed dead but today searchers stunned the press by reporting that the list of potential missing includes up to 108 names.

The searchers stress that the list includes vague descriptions like “John who once lived in this neighborhood”, so the total of missing should not be immediately interpreted as a possible death toll. The mudslide hit 49 different lots containing property, at least ½ of which were believed to be occupied full time, and buried Highway 530 – the only route to a nearby town of 1,359 called Darrington.

The slide also completely blocked the Stillaguamish River, reducing its output to a trickle. When landslides occur, they can completely block rivers, creating lakes behind them that eventually overtop the dam leading to a major flood. Flood warnings have been issued on the river, but most likely some degree of digging/dredging will open up a flow path to let the water slowly pass through.

The rocks that collapsed appear to be loosely-consolidated, possibly-glacial sediments. Similar events are common in this area; the state of Washington recently completed a $13 million project to stabilize a portion of hillslope on the opposite side of the river from this slide. Additionally, this area has endured significant rainfalls over the past several weeks, although there was no specific storm right before this slide. Instead, the amount of rain caused buildup of groundwater pressures in the area, and eventually this groundwater pressure allowed the hillslope to give way. Rainfall totals during the month of March in this area are about 300% above the average totals for the month.

Layering in the disrupted central block appears somewhat intact and can be seen in this photo; the slide broke away along an arcuate scarp and left debris piles that are reportedly up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) thick.

From here, search teams will have to simply dig through significant portions of that sediment to try to locate and identify those missing, in addition to digging through that big pile of dirt to prevent flooding on the river.


Image credit: Washington State DOT via Reuters/NBC

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Oso, Washington - A memorial cross at Oso Community Chapel provides a place of solace, peace and comfort for residents devastated by the recent mudslide in Washington.

Please join us in praying for those who have lost beloved friends and families members and precious belongings—pray for the Lord’s peace that passes all understanding.

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14 dead, more than 170 people still unaccounted for in deadly Washington mud ...

14 dead, more than 170 people still unaccounted for in deadly Washington mud …

The landslide occurred about 10:45 a.m. PST on Saturday in Oso on Washington Route 530 between Arlington and Darrington, Wash., and destroyed at least six homes. Oso had a population of 180 people and 62 occupied 

A fatal mudslide in rural northwestern Washington State over the weekend underscores the dangers of this fast-moving natural hazard. On Saturday morning, a mudslide moved down the…

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