Bringing Stringed Instruments to Life with @jacobvdlippe

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“With a new instrument, the musician can actually shape the sound in the first years, making it an integral part in their way of communicating music,” explains Norwegian violin and cello maker Jacob von der Lippe (@jacobvdlippe). “Instead of doing repairs, I focused on making new right from the start.”

For Jacob, who took up cello at age eight, music has been a lifelong pursuit. “My parents were passionate about music, and encouraged my playing,” he says. At 17, he built his first cello as a school project. “From then on, I was hooked.”

“Being able to work with a craft merged with music was something that really appealed to me,” explains Jacob, who spent five years in Cremona, Italy—the violin’s birthplace—studying the trade. Fourteen years and nearly sixty violins later, Jacob’s creations have found their way into the hands of musicians around the globe.

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Today, I went to #kulturhistoriskmuseum in #Oslo again✨And yes, I do want everything #viking you’ve got, but I promise that I won’t be stealing anything…No need to guard me as carefully as some of you do😂


Viking Museum! A must see in Oslo! It’s 3 boats that they found over a hundred years ago that date back to about 850 AD. They were used for funeral boats for two women but who the woman were in society is still unknown. But they were buried with lavish gifts and treasures, both women were older one was in her 80’s and the other in her 40’s.