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Bringing this sexy back.


Winchesters are coming to town

You better not scream

You better not cry

You better not die

I’m tellin’ you why

Winchesters are comin’ to town

They’re makin’ a list

And checkin’ it twice

Gonna find out who lives and gets iced

Winchesters are comin’ to town

They see you when you’re bleeding

Then know when you won’t live

They know if you’ve been turned or not

So be human for goodness sakes

You better not scream

You better not cry

You better not die

I’m tellin’ you why

Winchesters are comin’ to town

With real silver knives

Machetes soaked in dead blood

Demon trap bullets

And creatures that run

Winchesters are comin’

Oh Winchesters are comin’

Winchesters are comin’ to toooooooooown!


Have a very Merry Winchester Christmas to my Supernatural fandom!

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  • name: Badgers
  • dob: August 22nd
  • gender: Female

Tagging: no one at all doing this thing made me nervous



Whitney and I


  • food: Tomatoes probably
  • drink: Dr Pepper or tea or maybe strawnana v8 or idk tbh
  • movie: GotG? Astro Boy? Um… I do not know? I watched those today so those are on my mind oops
  • tv shows: I DO NOT KNOW PERHAPS TEEN WOLF (also spn and btvs)
  • band: fall out boy or maybe so many other bands i do not know why is this question here
  • place: my bed or any surface i can sleep on probably
  • school subject: history and english
  • sport: turkish oil wrestling
  • actor: Tyler Posey, Osiric Chau, Doug Jones, Iwan Rheon
  • actress: Zoe Saldana, Nina Dobrev, Shelley Hennig


  • siblings: I have a sister and a brother-in-law
  • dream job:  Probably being either an actress or a writer oh no
  • fears: losing my senses, losing my mind, needles, cosmetic surgery, body modification, whoops im gonna throw up
  • religion: um
  • tattoos: cannot afford ha
  • piercings: ears and other
  • languages: English, obvs, and a small bit of Italian


  • reason behind my url: I’m really here for slutty scott mccall
  • why you joined: I was pressured into it tbh
  • # of blogs: like 6

spnfan1968 said:

I've been looking for anon's claim that osiric was reporting about West falling into Jensen's pool and the whole Uncle Jensen thing. There is nothing on Google or anywhere. Anon is spinning more fairytales. Pathetic.

Yes, it is amazing the amount of bullshit that anon said and has lead to being said. 

Tenis ziemny. Fotorelacja z kursu w Hajnówce

Tenis ziemny. Fotorelacja z kursu w Hajnówce

Tenis ziemny to obecnie zdecydowanie najbardziej popularny sport indywidualny świata przyciągający bogatych sponsorów i chętnie oglądany przez miliony widzów na kortach wszystkich kontynentów.

Najlepsi tenisiści i tenisistki mogą liczyć na lukratywne kontrakty reklamowe i są idolami młodych ludzi w swoich krajach. Nie trzeba w dzisiejszych czasach interesować się tenisem, żeby znać nazwiska…

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anonymous said:

Jak tam kondycja? ;)

od niedzieli będzie coraz lepsza :) zapraszam na Osir o 17.00. Biegamy! :))