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Do you feel like D&D even read the same books we did? They've cut so many characters that (I feel) have huge impacts on the series, for no reason other than "Yeah, we don't think they're all that great."

nah they probably just asked someone to tell them what’s the series about and they are now making a show out of the plot they actually still remember

We don’t owe any institution money – Bi-Courtney

The management of Bi-Courtney Limited has said that the company does not owe any institution or bank any money.

The Head of litigation, Babalakin and Company, Mr. Tola Oshobi, disclosed this at a briefing at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two, Lagos on Monday.

He spoke after the Federal High Court discharged and struck out the order obtained by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria, through its council Mr Okisa Agbakoba, to take over the assets of the firm in lieu of the controversial debt.

He said, “The position of Bi-Courtney remains that it is not indebted to AMCON or any other person claiming through AMCON in any manner whatsoever. On the contrary, it is AMCON and the Federal Government of Nigeria that owe Bi-Courtney N132bn which has remained unpaid till date.

“The whole exercise was to undermine an important arm of government and was condemned in the strongest terms by the presiding judge.”

Oshobi said the debt owned the company by the Federal Government was predicated on the breach of agreement between the firm and government.

He added that the loss of revenue to the firm over the refusal of government to hand over the old domestic terminal of the Lagos Airport was responsible for the default in the firm paying the loan it took from a consortium of banks.

While ruling in an oral application by Bi-Courtney to vacate the order which it alleged was fraudulently procured by AMCON, Justice M.I. Buba struck out the order on the grounds that it was an abuse of process and declared it null.

The company further described the purported take-over of the MM2 terminal and the old Federal Secretariat in Lagos by AMCON as a contrived reckless action and a deliberate assault on the integrity of the judicial system by the corporation and its receiver, Mr. Olisa Agbakoba.

Confirming this, the Chief Operating Officer, Bi-Courtney, Ms. Adebisi Awoniyi, said the court decided that Agbakoba is not a receiver of MMA2 nor Bi-Courtney or any other related company.

She said, “The court categorically confirmed that the order obtained by Mr. Agbakoba on behalf of AMCON constitutes a gross. Abuse of the process of the court and was designed to ridicule the legal system.

“The effect is that the order obtained by AMCON is illegal.”

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The Andals, the First Men, or the Rhoynar?

is this for the make me choose meme? because atm I’m not taking any more requests for that meme (I’m just trying to finish what I got like 20 days ago). I’m sorry.

ps: I wouldn’t even have the slightest idea which one to choose btw, and I have even less idea of how I could gif it. I’m really sorry. :(