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(2015/01/21) 21.02

Request Hour!

I was allowed to sing
Finland Miracle, ranked on #196
with MIkitty and Mizuho! (^ω^)

Thank you very much♩♩

I’ll post the photo with the 3 of us later!

RH has starteeeed!
I wonder what songs will appear tomorrow~

(2015/01/22) 21.06

RH 2nd day!

I was allowed to sing
Ai no Imi wo Kangaete Mita
Kataomoi Finally!!


I forgot to take a photo with Kataomoi Finally’s costumeeeee!!


Thank you for the votes, everyone! 

(2015/01/23) 21.26

The Request Hour today.

I was allowed to sing
Mirai to wa?
Team K2 Oshi!! 

Team C members who performed Team K2 Oshi
had twin tails on!

The twin tails are pretty high, soembarrassingsoembarrassing

Thank you for your votes, everyone! 

(2015/01/24) 22.01

Request Hour 4th day! 

I was allowed to sing
Bukiyou Taiyou
Manazashi Sayonara
Hito Natsu no Hankouki!

As for Manazashi Sayonara,
FuruYanagi was allowed to sing it!

Today’s so fun! 

And wait,
Majisuka Gakuen stage play!! 


I will definitely come to watch! 

I’m confident that I’m the happiest one about it amongst the members!

Aaaaahh I’m looking forward to it! 

(2015/01/25) 00.31


I love her too much~ I love her too much~

I ended up drawing her.

I got too pumped up I ended up drawing her. 

(2015/01/25) 15.08

(Seifuku no Bambi)

HKT-san’s Seifuku no Bambi
that I saw yesterday? in RH 
was very cute I thought of drawing an illustration of it.

So I drew it immediately 

This is a nice one.

(2015/01/25) 20.53

RH final day! 

Escape ranked on #17! 

Thank you very much(>_<)♩


It was fun!!

It was really fun! 

Wheter it be singing on the stage
or watching from the hina-dan(terrace)!

Sooooo fun! 

Thank you for all of your votes!


AKB48 Request Hour Best 1035: #25: Choose me!

Okay let me talk about Choose me for a second here. Choose me is Kitarie’s center song and last year it got 12th place and this year 25th. Rie oshis did the best they could do have it reach top ten but with the amount of songs an options there were this year, the competition was just extremely tough. But out of 1035, for Choose me to reach 25th is actually pretty impressive. I’m proud of us all as Kitarie oshis for working our butts off for Choose me. I’m hoping we can work even harder for Rie to make senbatsu again if she chooses to participate in sousenkyo this upcoming summer. Kitahara Fighting!!! PS: you can say what you want about Rie, it’s gonna fly by me.

#Choosemeプロジェクト2015 (on Twitter)

[Motomura Aoi’s G+] 2015.01.25 3:18PM


昨日更新出来なくてごめんなさい( .. )
Request Hour 5th day has ended(^^)
I’m sorry I couldn’t update yesterday( .. )
My physical condition was not really good(´・・`)
But I’m fine(^^)
Hence, let’s look back from yesterday♥
Yesterday’s noon
105th Yossha HKT
97th Hatsukoi Butterfly
92th Sakura minna de tabeta
In the evening
74th Team KIV Oshi
70th HKT48
65th Melon Juice
64th Hito natsu no hankouki
Besides, in today’s noon
43th Himitsu no Diary
41th Ima, kimi wo omou
I was allowed to perform those songs(^^)
After writing them all above, now I look back there are sure a lotっ!
It’s a happy thing(^^)
Thank you very much(^^)
I’ll look forward to the evening too(≧▽≦)
We’ll do our best(^^)♥

1. Suzukake Nanchara... insert long paragraph here that will make Fall Out Boy jealous that this song title is longer than any of theirs

Jurina oshis went hard. And it’s not so much I don’t like the song, because I do, I just didn’t expect it to rank number 1.

So congrats to her, she deserves it. And if this is any sign how the general elections could go then it’s going to be interesting.

Now if she would just take a breather and rest for a little….

anonymous asked:

The fact that so many different members' fans are talking about how big this win is for their oshi shows why Suzukake won. It's not just about Jurina, it's about everyone who participated in the song and how the Janken senbatsu allows a diverse lineup of members to get their chance to shine, many of them for the first time.

this is good :D

Furukawa Airi Ameba Blog 2015-01-25 13:55:07

Furukawa(゜∀。*)Ranked Songs!


It’s in the middle of AKB48 Request Hour

So on the first day

I was allowed to sing Finland Miracle

On the second day
Ai no Imi wo Kangaete Mia
Kataomoi Finally

On the third day
Mirai to wa?
Team K2 Oshi 

On the fourth day
Bukiyou Taiyou
Manazashi Sayonara
Hito Natsu no Hankouki!

In Request Hour, we get to sing songs that we haven’t been performing for a while now

It was really fun!

I also get to know a lot of other teams’ songs♪

Ha~a~ I want the DVD soon… 


Today is the fifth day! 


What songs will be rank in?! 


Looking forward to i~~~~t(*´▽`*)


Though in the middle of the topic,


Introduction of the new Team K2 characters! 



Riho (Gal)


As for Riho, I drew her while getting a lot of feedbacks from her wwww

I’ll be glad if she likes it~ w


And then, the condition of Chibi Airin yesterday

(The moment when Majisuka stage play was announced.→)
(Chibi Airin: Ha~a Ha~a… *pant*)



I love Majisuka a lot, too much….

I’m also watching Majisuka 4 y’knoowwwww


I got to take a photo with Magic♪

Magic and Bakamono are indeed cute, aren’t they~~~~


Ha~a~~~ I want to watch the 2nd episode soon.



theimprobablegallifreyan asked:

I'm going to be honest, the pages and pages of hockey posts make me wish I watched it and knew what in the world you're talking about and who these people are lol

*takes deep breath. reminds self to not be too aggressive with my answer but*


  • big goofs
  • they are all just big goofs
  • no really they are 
  • just 
  • goofs
  • i love them
  • but they’re idiots
  • best bromances ever
  • best romances ever (seriously our wags rule)
  • cutest children ever (lyla oshie slays)
  • most passionate fans ever
  • srsly they start riots over games
  • but we are also reaallly nice
  • and sassy
  • our sassmaster is Tuukka Rask
  • we love goalies they are beautiful creatures
  • never hurt a goalie
  • We have our own version of Helen of Troy, it is Kaner of Chicago (Patrick Kane our balding golden Bald Eagle)
  • An adult size puppy- Eddie Lack
  • the best underdog story ever- Miracle on Ice
  • oh and we have Jamie Benn
  • he has brother on his team names Jordie Benn
  • but everyone forgets him
  • and cool events like the Winter Classic and All-Star Game, Stadium Series
  • okay fighting allowed and they just get a 5 minutes time out but trust me after a while
  • you
  • love
  • the 
  • fights
  • bro
  • we have Alex  Ovechkin who is scary looking but a big loser over all
  • and the Canadian dream Jonathan Toews, who is like the Grinch and only smiles when he is around his Cindy Lou Who (patrick kane)
  • we prove that age doesn’t measure greatness (wassup rookies and all of WJC players)
  • we prove that just cause you are one of the old guys that doesn’t mean you can’t kick ass (wassup vets, looking at you Hossa)
  • we have adorable grown men that look like kids with missing teeth (Brent Burns)
  • We have hearthrobs and playboys (wassup Tyler Seguin)
  • We have great jokes, sometimes the team is the joke ( we still love you Leafs)
  • We have the best insults from the biggest goofs
  • what is violence even
  • we have the best butt ever- Sidney CRosby
  • we have our resident bad guys that we kind of hate but not really only we do hate- Boston Bruins
  • Want violence at it’s best? WATCH A FLYERS VS PENGUINS GAME
  • no really they have the best rivalry ever
  • We are also not just the NHL
  • we have the
  • OHL
  • AHL
  • ECHL
  • NCCA aka college hockey
  • womens hockey our usa teams kick ass just saying
  • World Junior Hockey Championships ever year. Where Canada and America hate each other for 3 (some) weeks. But everyone hates Russia, so it’s cool
  • we have eligible bachelors who are actually your age (most Junior players) 
  • It’s also a lot of fun
  • like no really hockey is a lot of fun’
  • i can’t describe it but watching a game is
  • *animal noises*
  • like in the end it’s really about the sport
  • and i love the sport 
  • there is nothing like it at all
  • even if there wasn’t any big goofs or cute guys 
  • everyone on here will still watch it because
  • hockey just does something man it makes you feel alive and united and it also makes you feel like something that I can’t explain but it’s incredible and the fans do love the sport more than anything
  • it may be health hazard just watching it due to heart attacks
  • but it is so much fun
  • you should totally watch it
  • i’ll help you out 
  • help you find you team
  • figure the games (it’s simple trust me)
  • then help you through the season
  • like call me your hockey Yoda
  • i’ll do this for you

So yeah I mean, it’s pretty cool. You should check it out. 

Iwata Karen 755 post translation (Jan 25, 2015)

• Seeing Karen with NONAME costume again…. Really made me cry (´;ω;`) My paper soaking wet now…
Wipe it wipe it www

• 96neko and hachiojip is awesome right
Yep, I love them

• This is a 60 years old Taxi driver and Karen oshi! At AKB kouhaku rehearsal day, Wakanyan-san ride my taxi. Told her I’m Karen oshi and asked her to convey it to you. Heard anything?
Waa—thank you so much (´;ω;`) Waiting for the day I could ride your taxi

• It doesn’t bug you if younger person call you with just ‘Karen’ ?
Not at all

• Karen who’s your favorite in One Piece?
Shanks and Ace

• Request Hour otsukaresama ε٩( ºωº )۶з Hatsukoi Lady hasn’t yet appear! High rank must be ԅ( ˘ω˘ ԅ) ???
Has to be the last day!!!!

• Karen-chan any beauty treatment you usually do?
Just face lotion after bath (´Д` ) (lol)
Do you know? They said, you need to apply face lotion within 30 second after bath or else it won’t permeate your skin!! That’s why I apply it instantly after I get out of bath ( ˘ω˘ )

• Have you bought 96neko album? Ikasan’s album?
Haven’t bought the latest one (´;ω;`) Also don’t have Ikasan’s (´;ω;`) I want it (´;ω;`)

• After I watch Karen’s Kuroko Basket mandoku, at basket club I can score constantly!
The phantom shoot!?

• Karen! First comment! I am your classmate who live in Sendai! That’s why when I heard there’s a AKB member from Sendai I feel so glad! Have you ever want to return home sometimes?
Whenever I have a job in Tohoku area, I usually pass through Sendai, and it always make me miss home~

• Karen’s favorite emoticon?
( ‘ω’)ギャァァァァァァ

• Good morning. Your Umaibo favorite flavor?
Corn potage

• Karen you’re planning to make something for Valentine?
Of courseー☆ I always mass produce every year for member and staff (´Д` )

• I think part timing in washoku tavern would suits you

• Regent or afro, which hairstyle?
If I have to choose then regent

• I feel like this year we’ll have another surprise at Request Hour
Yea, it makes me nervous (;゚∀゚)

• Lately my lips always dry, any recommendation for lip balm?
I think the most effective one is Mentholatum! After that, kiss me for a test??

• This weekend, we’ll have a kendo central tournament! Please cheer!

• Checking Karen’s 755 after early rise or before late night sleep become my routine (´^∀^`) Work hard for tomorrow!
Me too!! Daily routine

• As sasakama ambassador, is it true that you can have an all-you-can-eat sasakama?
There’s no such thing ww

• AKB work always starts early?
Depends on the day (´Д` )

• Karen what is your ultimate anime? Mine is Toradora!
Shingeki no Kyojin

• So happy to see Kibou no Tsuite ranked! To be able to see that pink costume again (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
Never thought the day we can wear this costume will ever come again, really really happy (´;ω;`)

• Karen do you like sushi?
Daisuki ♡

• Been wanting to write you a fan letter\(^o^)/afraid it might make me look like a weird fan, should I still send it ( ━☞´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞
I read all fan letter and took ’em home, so please send it!

• Ostukaresama ♪ By the way Karen-san what is your fetish?
My Achilles’ heel . Muscle, chiseled

• Karee—-nn, do you watch Gundam? DVD or the anime?
If it’s TV series, I watched the earlier series a little!!

• Yoshii Kazuya or Sakata Gintoki, which handshake event will you go?
Both of them will tense me up surely, but I probably won’t be able to wash my hand in toilet after a handshake with Ginchan, so Yoshii-san ←

• The number one song you like the most
Number one would be pretty difficult…. Hm, I guess it has to be SPYAIR-san’s Samurai Heart

• Karen-chan do you go to karaoke? Next time let’s go together!
Going to karaoke alone is my principle

• Good evening. I also like SPYAIR! I often listen Genjou Destruction (^ ^)
Genjou Destruction is a great song right

• Karaoke highest score
100 point ( ´,_ゝ`)ドヤァ

• Karen-chan good morning ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥ between long hair and short, which one is your favorite?
Definitely short! It’s comfortable, suits my personality more, match to wider variety of clothes, and many other advantages (●´ー`●)

• Has Potebari decide their newest song?
We have the song already but we don’t have the time to practice

• Karen will you start Twitter too (´p・ω・q`) ?
I want to but… probably impossible

• Iwataka tea, taste good right?
Isn’t that Ayataka….?

• I want to try handshaking with Karen-chan! Is the interaction good ( ੭ ॑꒳ ॑)੭
I don’t know how to say but definitely courtesy conscious !!!!

• Karen likes Shiawase Butter? (potato chips)
Everyone keep saying that makes me want to eat one!! (lol)

• I saw Tano documentary and the fall in love with Karen
Eh, which part!? Ww
I appeared with half-assed make up I feel remorse ww

• Universal Japan will start their Shingeki no Kyojin, EVA, Monster Hunter, and Bio Hazard (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) too gorgeous!

• Do you watch Psycho Pass or Kiseijuu or Tokyo Ghoul? (・∀・)
Haven’t watch Psycho Passヽ(´o`;

• Do you prefer dog or cat?
Dog U・x・U

• Please tell me your favorite Vocaloid song!! v(`ゝω・´)
Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari
Haiboku no Shounen
Ama no Jaku
Maigo no Boku ni
I am Thunder Hero
Jinsei wa Hoeru

I wrote too much, sorry ヽ(´o`;

• Ansatsu Kyoshitsu is interesting!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Karma-kun is cool right

• Karen do you like Disneyland or Disney Sea more? Recommend me an attraction please
Disneyland! It’s like a country of dream!! As for attraction… Peter Pan (*´∀`*)←

• So when you go shopping do you disguise yourself or just go like usual?
More like people barely notice me (^∀^)

• Did you have any chance to work together with Sandwichman-san from Sendai?
Actually around 5 year ago, in a show called [Bonyari~me TV] we appeared together! But he probably don’t remember me~

• Karen, the best place to date?
Home is the best. (lol)

• Do you listen to GARNiDELiA?
I really like ambiguous

• From today episode, the G from Gundam Reconguista is apparently for GENKI! (^ ^) in that case, the K for KAREN is for?
Konjou!!!! (Guts)

• I like Kawaei and Karen combi. You two play together?
We always play around in dressing room ww

• Who’s your best friend from 12th gen?? Tanochan? 13th gen is Ryoka?
Right now maybe Tomu

• This is Karen oshi. I like Karen’s personality (though I don’t know you personally ^^) Is there anything you hate about yourself?
Too many actually. This year I will try my best to learn to love myself

• Beside vocaloid song, what song you listen often?

• Any NMB best friend?
Mita Mao (^∀^)

• Karen, you got 100 point in karaoke? What song was it (・_・;?
[Kibou no Tsuite]!
I’m not sure if it was really 100, but 1st rank nationwide!
Well it’s my repertoire song so that should be a given huh (-ω-;)

anonymous asked:

I'm a Tanochan oshi and I never even thought about supporting Suzukake, and yet I could not be more humbled that it won. Tanochan's first senbatsu!!!!

Yes, and definitely not her last, luckily for us~