Signs as women from Game of Thrones

Aries: Daenerys Targaryen

Taurus: Margaery Tyrell 

Gemini: Ellaria Sand 

Cancer: Sansa Stark

Leo: Arya Stark

Virgo: Brienne of Tarth

Libra: Catelyn Stark 

Scorpio: Melisandre 

Sagittarius: Shireen Baratheon

Capricorn: Cersei Lannister

Aquarius: Ygritte

Pisces: Osha 

Ladies running Westeros

If Daenerys sits on The Iron Throne, this should be her court:

- Hand: Shireen Baratheon

- Master of Laws: Lyanna Mormont

- Master of Whispers: Arya Stark

- Master of War: Meera Reed

- Master of Ships: Yara (Asha) Greyjoy

- Master of Coin: Sansa Stark

- Envoy Beyond the Wall: Osha

- Grand Maester: Samwell Tarly

- QueensGuard Commander: Brienne of Tarth


Holy shit! Doing osha and msha training and came across this.

Osha and Rickon from Game of Thrones.  For a FB group’s art prompt.  I decided to do characters I hadn’t seen in a while… (Cos everybody was already doing all the cool ones…)

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