Clarification Questions

[ Taken from Answers in Genesis‘ article “What Are Some Good Questions to Ask an Evolutionist?” ]

These questions are used to help explain the meaning of words or terms. A definition  in science needs to be clear and precise. It should include all the attributes  that distinguish it from all other entities. If any of these attributes are  missing, then the definition becomes ambiguous.

  • What do you mean by evolution?
  • What do you mean by theory?
  • What is meant by a fact in science?

Let’s examine some examples of the importance of establishing definitions.

“Evolution is change over time.” This is not a legitimate definition because  it includes everything in the universe.

“Evolution is genetic change in a species over time.” While this may be one  definition of “evolution,” it is not the claim at issue in the origins debate.  Such a definition includes all forms of change, including changes that both  creationists and evolutionists believe in (e.g., information-decreasing mutations).  Therefore, this does not adequately define the type of evolution relevant to  origins; that is, Neo-Darwinian evolution that suggests that an amoeba can change  into a man over millions of years.

“Evolution means both micro and macro changes.” This is a common use of evolution  in textbooks. Dog varieties or different beak sizes of finches thus become examples  of evolution. This definition includes both variety within the kinds and Neo-Darwinian  evolution (molecules to man). The definition tacitly implies that small observed  changes, sometimes referred to as microevolution, will lead to large unobserved  changes (macroevolution), which begs the question at issue.

From these examples we see that it is important to establish definitions of  terms prior to any discussion.

bellarke au || bellamy + clarke as backpackers who keep meeting in europe

So I will not ask you where you came from.
I would not ask and neither would you.

- london -

They don’t meet in a coffee shop, air hazy with almost glances and foreign fog, the smell of espressos and summer drugging the tourists and wakening the locals, that slow whisper of global possibility egging them all on.

They don’t meet underneath the Eiffel Tower, grass prickling her back, flattening underneath his sneakers, tasting lights with their eyes, because stories like those are too perfect.

Clarke and Bellamy’s? Not even close.

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Dinner {Avengers One Shot}

Based on: Imagine the Avengers being at your house and when tidying the table, you easily lift Thor’s hammer shocking everyone.
Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog // bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Warnings: None.

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Voltage Inc Fandom!

Since I’m relatively new to the fandom I thought it was about time I said hello and connected with more people!

I hope to make more friends since I’ve already met a few amazing friends through the site, so come say hi or add me on LINE, acethemadknight.

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beliamy-blake asked:

Random prompt, smutty or not (but smutty is always better) Bellamy is the nerdy sneaky hot (glee reference there) captain of the high schools debate team who is secretly seeing Clarke who is the captain of the cheerleading squad

warning: smut under the cut
(this is rather short, but I hope I do it justice I AM SUCH A LIAR; I wrote that before I started and now I’m 1k in because I am such trash and have no chill)

Four years fly by and here are the things they don’t tell each other:

It’s number one in the cheer handbook to smile while you strut, but there’s a permanent crinkle that etches into Clarke’s brow when she’s at the top of the pyramid, pearly white smiles and all you can see is the damn princess frowning like she’s assessing the wind’s direction as she flails her arms in earnest. 

(Bellamy fantasizes about that very same face while he’s sleeping sometimes, imagines it’s the same frown she’ll make when he’s touching her someday, and fuck he’ll murmur under a sleepy groan when he wakes up too soon, pulls his polka dot boxers down his toned hips and gets the shower running.)

Clarke’s memorized the gruff undertones of his voice through half-open doorways, reverberating down empty hallways when she’s late to cheer and he’s got a debate meeting after school. She remembers stopping once, squeaky white sneakers halting on the linoleum as Bellamy, all impassioned and infuriatingly snarky, made his final point about rehabilitation versus incarceration. 

With the dark overgrown curls that tickle his face and black framed specs on the bridge of his nose, he should be like all the rest of the debate geeks. But those damn white tees he wears under his open shirts, the toned biceps, the clenched jaw he gets when his opponent tries to outsmart him, it just doesn’t match.

God of the nerds, as Raven so kindly put it.

That day, Bellamy’d caught her staring through the gated glass window, smirked through his words, eyes set on her as he finished off his speech, a gaze so intense that it would have hauled a Clean Teen out of celibacy.

(And no, Clarke did not skip practice shortly afterwards, all flushed and heated, to run the locker room showers all at the same time, hoping to drown out some of her moans as she shoved her hand between her thighs.)

Of course not.

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Truth Or Dare || Michael OS (smut)

Pairing: Y/N | Michael
Smut: yes | no
Request: YES | You’re playing truth or dare with your best-friend Michael, but just how far can you go?

“There you go!”
“Oh god, this is even worse than I expected” Michael grunted, staring at his freshly painted nails. I could tell he wasn’t impressed although I had managed to give him the most impeccable manicure, a result I could never get on my own nails, but still, I couldn’t blame him.
“You could’ve picked a black polish or something less…”
he corrected me, before I got a chance to criticize his poor choice of word. I had to admit, the pink sparkly polish wasn’t exactly the manliest choice I could’ve made, but when I dared him to let me paint his nails, there was no color rule. I watched him as he inspected each of his finger, blowing on it so it would dry quicker. Yeah, he definitely looked… flamboyant.

We had been playing Truth or Dare for thirty minutes now and already things had gotten messy. With a black mustache drawn above my upper lip and a fake Mohawk that didn’t seem to stay up even with half a bottle of hairspray, Michael and his bright pink nails had nothing on me. Playing Truth or Dare with Michael had always been complicated, not only did we NEVER pick “truth” , too afraid to confess something embarrassing to each other but our dares were most definitely ridiculous. Still, watching my best friend dance in just his boxers to Uptown Funk had been the highlight of this evening.
Then everything changed. 

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Living Nightmare {Bucky Barnes}

Request: One shot about reader comforting Bucky after he has a panic attack - lots of cuddles and fluff.
Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog // bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Word Count: 728
Warnings: Panic attack, mentions of death and blood

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Imagine having a hot make-out session with Dean in the back of the Impala

A/N: Based upon the imagine from our lovely site here
Word Count: 897
Rated: M (because I am paranoid. ^.^ It is probably T.)

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