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Bellamy and Clarke #44 please:) btw you're such and amazing writer

ah, thank you so much, lovely!
bellarke + if you die, I’m gonna kill you.

If their story was kinder to them, Clarke would have come home the way she did the first time, with open cuts to open arms, her chin digging into Bellamy’s shoulder, his fingers in her hair. He’d make some joke about her needing to loosen up, she’d come up with some lame retort, and he’d glance at her a little too long.

On the cusp of figuring out what they mean to each other.

But their story isn’t kind, and neither is the earth. 

Clarke comes home, and they’re drowning in another war, a new enemy this time, those they call the Ice Nation with winter in their bones and frost embedded deep into their skin, tundras for homes and icebergs for hearts. The battles are cold, and their people are dying.

Clarke and Bellamy exchange nothing more than a sharp look before they get to work.

They’re going into battle today, and he clears his throat when he enters their tight weapon room, sees that Clarke is sliding thick gear up her flushed skin, stares at the thin strap of her bra and curses under his breath.

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The Spark - a Manuel Neuer OS

Everything is growing over my head. I just really can’t deal with anything right now, this weeks just has not been mine. What a great way to approach my birthday on the next monday.
Currently i was walking around the aisles in my grocery store, trying to find the ice cream, since my little niece desperately wanted chocolate ice cream and if she was not about to get it, she would probably cry all night long, so I gave in. I held Vanessa’s hand and basically walked around like a zombie, thinking about my past week. I still had to catch up with a lot of things at university, yet had to go to work longer than usual, to get my rent together. Adding up to having a bad relationship with my mom at the moment, I found out that my ‘best friend’ is now dating my Ex, Leon. And now I had to take care of my 5-year-old niece, due to my sister being super sick and my brother-in-law being on a trip for work. That is not how I had imagined my saturday night.
Snapping back into reality, I found the ice cream section and looked around for the Ben and Jerrys ice cream. Vanessas favorite.
“Look. sweetie, I found it” but when I looked down to my right, I did not see Vanessa. “Princess? Vanessa?” I screamed through the aisle, running around to find her. I immediately made my way to the check-outs, so they could call her out to come to the exit. Still checking every aisle I came across on my way out, hoping I would find her. Before walking to the check-out, I went to the play section, maybe she was there, looking for a new doll.
“We need to go back  to Vivi” I heard a tiny voice say. Straightly jogging into the stuffed animal aisle, I saw Nessa on the shoulders of some tall, random man. “Hey! Put my niece down, now!” I screamed at him. Both looked at me at the same time and I regretted shouting at him straight away. The man holding Vanessa was Manuel Neuer. “I really am sorry, I  did not kidnap her or anything. She was walking around alone and so I asked her where was heading and she wanted to go to the stuffed animals section and now I wanted to go search for you with her, she told me she needed to go back.” He said, approaching me, after he put Vanessa back down. I could not say anything. He really did look guilty for not bringing her to me right away, yet his looks attracted me a whole lot. I had to look up since he was so much taller than me. Looking down at Vanessa, seeing her with her new stuffed bear. “Everything is fine.” Was my answer. I could not be angry with him. “Vivi!” My little niece exclaimed, “I have a new bear. His name is Berni, Manu gave him to me.” holding me “Berni” right in front of my face. I noticed that the little bear was the maskot of the FC Bayern Munich, Manuel’s club, obviously. Him and I simultaneously started grinning at Vanessa. "Can we get my ice now? Auntie Vivi, please?“ Vanessa whined, tugging on my sweater sleeve. "Of course we can, sweetie” I smiled. “Come on, Manu,” She turned around looking at him, holding her little hand out for him to take it. “I want to share my ice with you” Basically tearing my eyes wide open, I was shocked. Now facing Manuel as well, I said, “You better feel honored, she never, I repeat, never shares her ice cream with anyone ever” smiling. He obliged her request and took her tiny little hand in his. We all walked our way back to the ice cream section, to pick out her favorite Ben and Jerry’s. Anticipation almost killing that little girl, she took the pot out of my hands and ran to the check-out. “I never properly introduced myself, I’m Manuel” He smiled and offered me his hand to shake. “Viviana. Really nice to meet you!” Gladly shaking his hand and smiling in return. I must admit that he had a beautiful one, he kind of reminded me of a puppy when he did. Upon approaching little Vanessa, who was already waiting in line, so we could pay for her much wanted ice cream. “You need to come with us, Manuel, so we can share.” Vanessa demanded, not asked. “Sweetheart, Manule probably has no time and you have to go to bed in one hour, you know that.” I said, crushing her wish. “Do you have time for me, Manu?” She looked at him with big eyes, pouting. All he did was looking between me and her multiple times, looking like he did not know what to answer. Never in a million years would he have time for my little niece, who just met him at the grocery store by accident. “Actually, Nessa, I do have time for you but I don’t know if Viviana would enjoy that, or?" "I’m the princess and I make the rules, right Vivi?” There is no reason for me to say no to either Vanessa or Manuel. “Right, princess”
We paid for her ice cream and also bought some of my favorite gummy worms, which were also Manuel’s favorited. My bag was definitely big enough to fit it all in. While I put everything into it, Manuel lifted Vanessa over his shoulders, since she wanted him to do so. We exited the store and made our rather short way back to my flat, only a couple of blocks down the street. Hearing Vanessa’s giggles all the time and the smile on his face made me happy, it is insane how quickly they bonded. Just then it really kicked in, that Manuel freaking Neuer was actually having fun with my little niece and on his way to my flat, to share ice cream and maybe watch The Little Mermaid, which was Vanessa’s favorite movie,  with me and the little one. Manuel turned his head to me and smiled from cheek to cheek and I responded the same way, immediately sending a spark through my whole body. Anyway, this week might have been bad all throughout but it seems like it will end really nice.

saw this picture above and this plot shot into my head, so i made OS out of it. i hope you like it. leave me a message, telling me if you like it!
loads of love.

We’ll Be Young Forever

The problem with kidnapping Louis Tomlinson is that it takes a lot of planning, precision execution, and loads of help. Being as Harry has little skill for achieving any of the three, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’s actually going to work.

Author: littlelostpieces

Part Three of the “Hand In My Pocket/Head In The Clouds” series


bellarke au || bellamy + clarke as backpackers who keep meeting in europe

So I will not ask you where you came from.
I would not ask and neither would you.

- london -

They don’t meet in a coffee shop, air hazy with almost glances and foreign fog, the smell of espressos and summer drugging the tourists and wakening the locals, that slow whisper of global possibility egging them all on.

They don’t meet underneath the Eiffel Tower, grass prickling her back, flattening underneath his sneakers, tasting lights with their eyes, because stories like those are too perfect.

Clarke and Bellamy’s? Not even close.

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Truth Or Dare || Michael OS (smut)

Pairing: Y/N | Michael
Smut: yes | no
Request: YES | You’re playing truth or dare with your best-friend Michael, but just how far can you go?

“There you go!”
“Oh god, this is even worse than I expected” Michael grunted, staring at his freshly painted nails. I could tell he wasn’t impressed although I had managed to give him the most impeccable manicure, a result I could never get on my own nails, but still, I couldn’t blame him.
“You could’ve picked a black polish or something less…”
he corrected me, before I got a chance to criticize his poor choice of word. I had to admit, the pink sparkly polish wasn’t exactly the manliest choice I could’ve made, but when I dared him to let me paint his nails, there was no color rule. I watched him as he inspected each of his finger, blowing on it so it would dry quicker. Yeah, he definitely looked… flamboyant.

We had been playing Truth or Dare for thirty minutes now and already things had gotten messy. With a black mustache drawn above my upper lip and a fake Mohawk that didn’t seem to stay up even with half a bottle of hairspray, Michael and his bright pink nails had nothing on me. Playing Truth or Dare with Michael had always been complicated, not only did we NEVER pick “truth” , too afraid to confess something embarrassing to each other but our dares were most definitely ridiculous. Still, watching my best friend dance in just his boxers to Uptown Funk had been the highlight of this evening.
Then everything changed. 

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Dinner {Avengers One Shot}

Based on: Imagine the Avengers being at your house and when tidying the table, you easily lift Thor’s hammer shocking everyone.
Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog // bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Warnings: None.

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Original Imagines: Imagine being stuck in a house with Kai during the snowstorm. At first, you both annoy each other but then things get heated and you end up seducing him & Imagine having a very animalistic game of hide and seek with Kai in the town of 1994. It ends with him finding you and marking you as his & Imagine Kai eating you out
Author: puellaigmotum
Reader gender: female
Word count: 3,028
Warnings: smut
A/N: The song at the beginning is ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Swede. You don’t have to listen to it whilst you read but it might help!

‘The room was empty yet the sound of the grandfather clocking chiming away in the corner of the room made the silence of the manor even more terrifying.

Her heart was thundering away in her chest and she knew that the beast would find her. He always did.

She slowly backed herself into the far corner of the room, waiting for him to burst into the room and kill her.

The sound of boots on the wooden staircase made her heart jump with each step.

Just as the footsteps stopped outside her room, she held her breath, waiting for the beast to appear, yet nothing came.


The speakers boomed alive with chanting causing me to jump right out of my skin; the book I was so enveloped in tumbling from my hands and onto the floor in front of me.

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Imagine having a hot make-out session with Dean in the back of the Impala

A/N: Based upon the imagine from our lovely site here
Word Count: 897
Author: http://my-broken-dreams.tumblr.com/
Rated: M (because I am paranoid. ^.^ It is probably T.)

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