Hoe Hoe Hoe

“So basically, what you’re telling me is,” Niall says, exasperated. “Is that we have a high Louis in a slutty Mrs Claus outfit, a fucking holiday themed stripper instead of a mall Santa, and a mob of Manhattan rich brats who want to slaughter us?”

“Pretty much,” Harry says calmly. Niall looks ready to burst, but the stripper seems to come up with a solution. “Why don’t Louis and I go out back to the storage room and see if we can find me a proper suit, yes?” he says, eyes trailing down to the furry hem of Louis’ dress, practically salivating at the sight of Louis’ evenly tanned legs as the smaller man tries desperately to keep them from knocking together

or the Christmas one where Niall accidentally hires a stripper to be a mall Santa and said stripper fucks Mrs Claus who happens to be Louis Tomlinson in the storage room five minutes after they meet.

Author: tired


This was just great


By Anonymous

There are only two ways to navigate Bloomfield High School: become popular or make yourself invisible.

With the help of his best mate Niall, Harry’s introduction to high school hadn’t been half bad. Despite being a “bandie” – the lowest of the low in the ancient hierarchy of high school –Harry had somehow managed to survive freshman year relatively unscathed.
So naturally, Harry would have been perfectly happy to resume his position of invisible trombone player number four for the remainder of high school. But one day something drastic happened, something that would change the course of Harry’s entire existence (probably).

It was the last football game of his freshman year, and the band was back in the stands after performing a rousing rendition of Bloomfield’s alma mater during half time. Harry was gracelessly wiping the slobber from the mouthpiece of his trombone when he saw him.

Louis Tomlinson.

Or…a High School AU where Harry is a bandie and Louis is the epitome of cool, so naturally, Harry must find a way to get his attention and win his affections.

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By Anonymous (author will be revealed in a bit)

Harry’s voice lowered as he looked Louis up and down, his eyebrow raised. “Have you ever been for a ride?”

Louis choked on his inhale, the innuendo of Harry’s words causing the air between them to grow thick. Louis looked anywhere but into Harry’s eyes, taking a shaky breath as he regained his composure. “What do you think? I live in Freehold, New Jersey. You won’t find another motorcycle within a 50 mile radius. Everyone here drives minivans.”


Louis isn’t allowed to date until he’s 18, but then he meets Harry.

Oneshot, Ao3, Mature, Must-read

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Baby I’m Hypnotized By You

Hypnotist AU where Louis and Harry are best friends and Harry moans out Louis’ name on stage at a hypnotist show and Harry doesn’t remember anything afterwards. Louis promptly has a nervous breakdown. Harry is oblivious.

Author: hickeystyles


Such an original and interesting plot, I loved it.



Levin: Hello everypony!

Sorry, that so long did not answer questions. There were problems.

But now I am happy to answer your questions!

Catherine: It would be better at the beginning of their hair cut!

Q1: You’re a brave pony. How about me company in search of adventure?  Example fight with a dragon? Or search for treasure?:D

A: With pleasure!

Q2: What’s in your house you most afraid of?

A: Note on the door: “Will enter, I’ll kill you!”