dear clarke,
i’m just a bare-boned king
with a hoarse rebel yell
who is terrified of becoming a ghost.

dear clarke,
you said you hoped we’d meet again, but we already have.
sleep is a storm, and my dreams are a burden.
in every version of our story, 
i’m your pedestal made of marble,
crumbling under your feet.

dear clarke,
i’ve been cutting my fingers on the stars
trying to hold onto the galaxy for you,
but i’m no atlas,
and these bones are tired.

dear clarke,
augustus also had a lover.

please come home.

—  bellamy’s letters (with fingers in the dirt) || naiche lizzette
Healing {Pietro Maximoff}

Based on: Imagine Pietro comforting you after the battle with Ultron, Imagine your first kiss with Pietro.
Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog / bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Warnings: None; fluff, kissing, very slight angst

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Dinner {Avengers One Shot}

Based on: Imagine the Avengers being at your house and when tidying the table, you easily lift Thor’s hammer shocking everyone.
Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog // bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Warnings: None.

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