So I just realized that the lands in my Orzhov deck are worth about $75.  The lands alone make up a third of the deck.  Three planeswalkers worth about $30, two ghost councils,…. yeah this is a pricy deck but it is so much fun to play.  And to think, I got into MTG because of the artwork.  So, does this make me a collector with good taste or just expensive taste? 

My current goal is to tweek my Dimir deck so it is faster and more vicious.  I want to add four more milling cards to the deck.  I already have two psychic strike, two mind grind, and two paranoid delusions.  Part of me wants to put some older cards in there but part of me also wants to keep it tournament legal, despite the fact that I really don’t go to them anymore.  Are there any suggestions? Also I was thinking about adding some shocklands to it but I don’t have any lifegain for the Dimir.  Is that a good idea?