Jonathan's Continuity Culture and Nexim Bank's Example
[This Day]President Goodluck Jonathan on August 18 2014 renewed the tenure of Mr. Roberts Orya, the managing director of the Nigerian Export-Import Bank, for a fresh five-year term. The re-appointment is with effect from 17th August 2014. A key yardstick in reappointing Orya, according to the finance ministry, is his acumen in transforming Nexim Bank from a bank with over N10 billion non-performing loan liability in August 2009 to an institution with a capacity to provide about $39.5 billion in financial interventio

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aideyn said:

♒ - Knox | ▼- Orya | ☠ - Adessa | ∇ - Deji (I know this was a few days ago BUT STILL <3)

♒ Cooking/Food | Robert Knox
Knox doesn’t know how to cook. He’s never been taught because he’s never needed to learn. I think, given the opportunity to learn, he would probably pick up on it fairly quickly - but he hasn’t been independent for long enough that the option has been offered to him.

▼ Childhood | Orya
Orya has an older brother and an older sister. She spent a lot of time being forced to follow them around as they babysat her, and she started learning a lot about the grey space in between absolutes from from them. Her sister was very morally bad and her brother was morally good. 

☠ Angry | Adessa
When Adessa gets angry, her grasp on the Common Tongue lessens. She likes to immediately separate herself from the stress and do other, more solitary activities until the anger dissipates - like swimming. She worries sometimes that if she gets too angry, she will lose control and use voodoo. Ironically, she is not above going out and shooting people with her pistols. That is okay. Voodoo is not.

∇ Old Age | Deji
UNDECIDED, obviously. But if I had to come up with something on the fly here, I would say that Deji is going to end up selling the store to Knox and will retire to a completely empty housing plot. She will use her money to buy the alternate reality system that she used to play with when she came to the Exile side - and will use the data that she input into it years ago to recreate The Field that she used to live near. Then she will build a house to sit on the land and will spend the rest of her days helping around the store as necessary, or reading her favorite old stories. 
(This is, of course, barring any major life changes or getting killed saving Charlie somehow.)