On seeing Ender's Game in theaters

There has been a lot of talk recently about what a terrible bigot Orson Scot Card is and how his views on most social issues (and specifically regarding gay marriage) are from the middle ages (all of which is true) and therefore Ender’s Game should be boycotted. This makes me (and I know there are several who feel the same way) conflicted because Ender’s Game has been a very important book to me over the years and I have been looking forward to this movie sense I was 8.

Well, I think I may have come up with a solution. DONATE THE EQUIVALENT OF YOUR TICKET PRICE TO AN PRO LGBT+ ORGANIZATION. That way if $0.10 (of the $15.00 that a ticket costs now a days) does wind up in the hands of the evil empire, it will be a bullet verses a tank in the long run.

This way you can enjoy the movie and support the cast and crew who worked on the movie besides the bigoted Mr. Card and still support LGBT+ community over all. It may make your trip to the movies a little more expensive, but just skip the popcorn this time and it should even out.

If you disagree with me, I would be happy to discuss this in a civilized  manor.

Triple joy: My Kindle, a fabulous book, tasty snacks. 

As a book lover I got a Kindle because I travel a lot and it’s very hard to carry heavy books in my purse. I really thought I would hate not being able to turn pages and smell ink and paper, but I absolutely love my Kindle!

With Ender’s Game coming out in theaters, I knew I wanted to read the book first because I’d heard so much about the incredible work of Orson Scott Card. But… it was late, libraries and book stores were closed and I wanted to read it NOW. So what to do? Push buttons on my Kindle and voila! I cruised through the book in one day.

Curiously, one of the things I remember and appreciate best about Ender’s Game is the Introduction in Card’s newest version of the book. There were many things he wrote there that I wanted to repeat here but I think it’s best to simply recommend that everyone read it. 

And then… read the book. I’m still living it. 


So I’m rereading Ender’s Game. I have to say it’s still my all time favorite. Just the whole plot is so mind blowing. And Ender. Every time I read this, I get so attached to him. Just his whole thought process. The way he sees things. How he handles the impossible. If Ender was an actual person, I’d probably fall in love with him. I wouldn’t care if he was the most unattractive person on the face of the earth. I could literally flip to any random page and know exactly know what’s going on. This book is so insightful.. and amazing.

Small thanks


Leading up to this movie, I only watched one trailer and avoided any extra tidbits– so when I walked into theatres, I would be surprised.

I wanted to go in with my love and knowledge of the book (series) and experience the movie without anymore bias then a fan who was terrified they would ruin her precious novel by making it into a film.

The book, Ender’s Game, is tied for first place with Ella Enchanted as my all time favorite book. And after what they did to that “movie adaptation” (that being the Ella Enchanted abomination) I was worried they would ruin it (it being Ender’s Game).

It was a good movie, not perfect by a fan’s opinion. There are a few things I wished they had done differently (especially in some of the character interactions), things that would have not changed outsiders’ view of the film and appease the fans at the same time.

But enough of that, not gonna spoil anything out there for anyone. If you want to see a good film, with an interesting plot and beautiful graphics; Go see Ender’s Game. Then do your brain a favor and pick up the book .


Ender’s Game

"He loved her, as you can only love someone who is an echo of yourself at your time of deepest sorrow."

From the book Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scot Card.

I was looking for quotes from Orson Scot Card to make a bookmark and this made me think of what my boyfriend said to me when we first started dating. During the time we started seeing each other a lot of chaos was going on with my life and my friends’ lives. I asked him what made me different to him around that time and he said I looked like I was at the end of my rope, how he felt at his worse and he could understand that and he thought I could understand him too.

Too bad the quote’s too long.

30 Day Book Challenge Day 18

A Book that Disappointed you

Empire by Orson Scott Card. As I said, he’s one of my favorite authors despite his politics/religion because he generally doesn’t put them in his books. Except this one. It’s decent, I won’t lie, I have it and the sequel. But it is political, so I wasn’t as thrilled as I might have been.