So we meet again -Orphan-white-

Another lycan mission ending in success. Daisy was proud of that fact. Blood covered her leather jumpsuit, some of it lycans, some of it her own. She had a claw wound on her arm, although it didn’t hurt her that much. As she walked back to the hidden cover, her eyes fell on a familiar figure. It was the boy who had asked for directions to the orphanage. 

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James looked at the young boy and frowned slightly. He wasn’t like most he had seen. He knew the difference between those actually raised by parents and those in orphanages and foster system. Feeling an unprecedented pull to the younger boy, he decided that he would be at least somewhat cordial to him. “James.” He called out to the boy in way of introduction. “And you are?”


Rules and Regulations

  • must be following tori, savvy, and sandra
  • must be a fandom blog
  • teen wolf must be a main fandom on blog
  • must reblog this post
  • likes dont count but they don’t hurt
  • filling this form out will help your chances

Dates to Remember

  • we will start accepting people on the 10th of may
  • we will accept people 5 at a time weekly until we think the network is filled

When you are accepted

  • you will be notified via tumblr
  • a post will be made with your url tagged
  • you will appear for 1 week in all of our updates bars
  • we will request your email to add you to the network page

Further notes:

  • check the tag nemeton network for updates
  • track the tag and your tag just in case tumblr screws up our message
  • you can make a post about yourself and tag the network in it to further help your chances

woot woot! alright, so the members to my latest network are:











YAY! ill tell you about this with an ask and also check your email for the clicky thing that accepts you you know what im talking about

impondla said:

i'm on mobile so [little crown symbol] xx

  • My favorite thing about your blog: everything aah
  • What fandom I associate you with the most: multifandom
  • What I think of your URL: omg it’s the best
  • If I follow you and why: how could i not? your blog is flawless!

impondla said:

leonard mccoy or bucky tbh xx

well I am pretty much Bones so yeah he is gr9

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send me ur fav character

OOC: Important Notice

I am currently taking a break from this account as I am with pretty much all my accounts. While my muses are screaming at me to write something, I find myself unable to even think about replying and for that I am so sorry. I’m chalking my hesitancy to write up on the holidays. I’ve been stressed and I’ve been even more busy the past few weeks than I have been in forever. Things are not so good at home at the moment and that makes it very hard for me to begin to even want to write, let alone RP. 

I’ll be off and on over the next few weeks. I might not even come back fully until the new year has started though it pains me to say it. I know I owe ask-michael-corvin, orphan-white, and thedefenderofthehomeland at the moment and if I happen to owe anyone else, please like this and I’ll reply as soon as I return.

Thank you all so much for your patience. I hope you all have a happy (and safe) holiday and a wonderful (and safe, again) new year. 

          The World’s second w o r s t crime is boredom

                    —well, the first is being a bore.


Apparently this makes one very familiar face and another foreign one. I’m sure it’s a pleasure to meet you. As you can imagine I’m a very busy man with a tight schedule plane so you better don’t waste my time, right?

Now that we’re done with the welcome; are there any other news to report?