A bit late to say I’m jumping into the bandwagon but I could not wait for the actual scientific paper to do my own rendition of Deinocheirus’ new look.

So here it is; the camel-duck-ostrich giant who roamed Mongolia during the late cretaceous. Only his massive arms were found at the time of his first description but new material has recently surfaced, showing us that Deinonychus mirificus was even weirder than we suspected.

Only some low-resolution photographs of the remains were used for this sketch so this is not a 100% accurate reconstruction and must be taken with a grain of salt.

Bless you, you incredible puzzle of an animal ! You made my childhood dreams !

Dinosaur of the Day: Deinocheirus

Length: 10 m

Height: 3.3 -3.6 m (11 -12 ft)

Location: Mongolia

Diet: herbivore? carnivore? omnivore?

Time: late Cretaceous 75 million years ago

Name meaning: terrible hand

Discovery: 1970 by Halszka Osmoloska

Deinocheirus is a bit of a mystery. The only fossils of it found have been scattered remains of some vertebrae and ribs, and a pair of arms measuring eight feet long. With so little evidence to go off of, it’s hard to exactly say what type of dinosaur it was, but the general consensus is that it was an Ornithomimosaurid. There has also been some debate as to what Deinocheirus would have fed on. It is thought that the used their long arms to pull down tree branches to feed on the leaves, but in the past some proposed that it used its claws for attacking prey. And it’s not out of the question that they did a combination of the two.