Dinosaurs of The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

1. Compsognathus
2. Stegosaurus
3. Parasaurolophus
4. Pachycephalosaurus
5. Gallimimus
6. Mamenchisaurus
7. Tyrannosaurus
8. Velociraptor

english class sketches from the other day yea (((hi res plS)

this was based off the thing that i found once but i cant remembER OR FIND IT about dinosaurs having shorter thicker necks like birds? and then i thought about ornithomimosaurs w that and i cant decide which one i like better they both look pretty neat

somethings up with the legs but i didn;t have any reference;;;;


First Feathered Dinosaur Discovered in North America - Royal Tyrrell Museum

Researchers from the Royal Tyrrell Museum and University of Calgary have discovered fossil evidence of the first feathered dinosaurs from North America in the 75 million-year-old rocks of the Alberta badlands.