guys my cousin has gone missing. i dont really ask you to reblog things but this is important to my family. she was last seen in orlando florida. please just spread the word. we just want to find her.

edit: she might be on her way to new york, they think she may have left with a boy from school. the boy’s step father said he took $20 and both of them are missing. thats all ive been able to find out.


Prudent Fox now selling custom hemp bracelets! This is a listing I’ve wanted to post for a while and I’ve finally got it up! Pretty much for less than $6 I make a hemp knotted bracelet for you. There are 6 patterns and 19 colors to choose from (Including glow-in-the-dark!) and you can request the length, so it’s totally yours and unique.

I hope some of you will at least check it out! Thank you!

-Brittany (Prudenfox)


mrspeelisreadingthings asked:

I just watched a Globe Theatre version of As You Like It and am filled with love for queer Rosalind and Orlando. Why do so many of Shakespeare's plays have cross-dressing as a thing?! Never mind as I adore it!!

From a practical standpoint, I think it’s a combination of giving female characters more agency and independence in order to drive the plot along, the humour and comedic potential of the mistaken identity plots, and a sort of nod-and-a-wink to the fact that all the actors of Shakespeare’s stage would have been men, who were already crossdressing in order to play women characters. But it is so wonderfully, delightfully full of queer possibilities, isn’t it?