The Dragon Age (9:00–present) is the ninth and current Age in Thedas. The previous several years have seen two dragon flights ranging out of the Frostbacks and Orkney Mountains, even though it was thought that dragons had been hunted to extinction by Nevarran dragon hunters during the Steel Age. The dragons devastate the countrysides in Orlais and Nevarra, and all attempts to slay them end in disaster. Despite the devastation, some see the return of dragons to Thedas as a glorious sign – Chantry scholars, however, claim that this is the worst of omens. Because of the dragon sightings, Divine Faustine II names the next age as Dragon Age, while she was ready to name it as Sun Age, predicting that it will be an age of violence and upheaval.

i want a dlc where the inquisitor gets a visit from a noble at night and they shake hands with the inquisitor’s glowy hand and accidentally get sent into the fade…. and have to go through the companions’ dreams for help getting out


Iron Bull: You know, Viv, you’re not bad with that staff.
Vivienne: You will address me as Enchanter Vivienne, Court Mage to the Empire of Orlais, or Madame de Fer. Not, “Viv.”
Iron Bull: Oh. Right, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.
Vivienne: Hmm. Yes, “ma'am” works as well.

i cant answer this privately cuz fan mail is Weird but its been awhile since i talked publicly about this SOOOO

adralan was *technically* abandoned. jt wasnt by choice ofc.

his mother (who we will call adaar for rn) was a tal vashoth who had very recently defected from the Qun. Adaar met adralan’s dad (who we will call Bas for rn) soon after and they decided to continue traveling south together. they ended up in Orlais.

Adaar became pregnant with Adralan, so she and Bas had to settle down for awhile. they stayed right outside a small town, never staying in the village itself due to Adaars distaste for humans.

They stayed for 4 months until Adralan was born + 2 months after. Adaar and Bas were ready to resume their traveling and was a fair distance from the village when they were attacked (by a group that turned out to be there since Adaar had abandoned the Qun)

Adaar made Bas run ahead with Adralan, hoping he could get away while she fought off the group. (Bas has a bad limp from an injury when he was a child and adaar was just wayyyyy better at fighting lmao)

Adaar managed to kill her attackers, but had been stabbed in the chest and the blade penetrated her lung, causing it to collapse and lead to her death.

Bas was ambushed by a satellite group to the original attackers. He distracted them long enough (being a force mage lmao) and hid Adralan away in a small cave while he continued to fight. he hoped to be finished with the fight and reunite with his partner and child so they could be a family.

unfortunately that didnt work out. adralan was left alone for two days and was found by Yvette and Lyna who were looking for rare herbs. the two took him in, and being from a very isolated clan they had no idea what a qunari was.

so Adaar is dead and Bas’ whereabouts are currently unknown

So some folks on BSN’s Cassandra thread were wondering if Cass would ever put on a dress.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she just attends all our parties in her armor, but I thought it’d be fun to try to come up with one that suited her.

Tried to mash up some design elements from the Orlesian fashion concepts with some of the practicality of the Ferelden designs, along with some callbacks to Cassandra’s own iconic look.  Dark blues and teals rather than black, just for fun. :)



why isn’t anyone talking about this scene? it’s one of the most bamf scenes i have ever seen

look at the divine & how she doesn’t even know what’s happening

yet she is standing there, arms spread wide, ready to meet her maker, accepting her fate

then there’s cassandra riding a fucking drake

and aims it to crash into the fucking high dragon that’s going straight for the divine

if that’s not a badass fucking scene

you’re obviously not looking hard enough at the baMFNESS OF THAT FUCKING HIGH DRAGON