Argenta did not usually think herself a fool. Mind over matter, after all–if she believed she was not foolish, then she was not. It was the sort of logic any fatally headstrong ten-year-old would make.

One of the girls had thought to begin talking about Kyle while Argenta was within earshot; and nothing particularly nice, either. Immediately she was in front of the girl–they were at each other’s throats in a minute, talking with their fists within two. To the little blonde, that was nearly commonplace. In the back of her mind she was grateful Kyle wasn’t there to watch; she just wasn’t aware that he really was.

“Before the end of April I could easily see Orion by nine pm, and now with Earth’s rotation and the sun still up by seven, it’s impossible for me to see it. How terribly sad is that” He commented out loud, as he stared at the sky above him. “At least Jupiter and Mercury are still visible” He added, a sigh following his words. He liked summer, the empty and awesome skies filled with stars, winter and clouds being his worst enemies, but April was by far his favorite month and it had already ended. Of course, he didn’t expect anyone to understand said love for the night sky, but if he couldn’t complain out loud about something he thought important, what was the point of complaining at all?

That feeling when I finally remembered where I got the Orion name from: the Artemis Fowl novel where he manifests an alter ego who’s obscenely kind and chivalrous. The naiive little loser was called Orion. I was thirteen when I read it and he apparently made a big impact on me, being unapologetically nice and genuine. How did it take me this long to remember

omg i cant do elliot because that’s my best friend’s surname that would just be weird @_____@ it is a cute name though!!! also rex youre gay :’+) thank u

i mean. i’ll still keep kai im just… idk i wanna try another name rn

JIGEN ASHTON IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE NAMES!!! i’m adding that to the list :’+) orion is cute too!

Lady #12 – Ahilac Vajjevoo

Current Status: Deceased

Children: Orion Montigo Baby#35, Solar Montigo Baby#36, Stella Montigo Baby#37

Fun Fact: Orion and Solar were written to be twins but when things were flipped in chapter 107, Stella was added making them triplets. Stella was apart of a set of identical quads but Stella and her sisters were removed when I didn’t like the direction of the story was heading. I decided to only add Stella back when the story line flipped. Stella stood out more.