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Latrice Royale & Manila Luzon -- The Chop

song: i hate it | i don’t like it | not my style | it’s cool | i like it | i love it | OMFG THAT’S MY SONG!


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It’s not all that strange to feel depressed when you’re lonely. You’re so occupied in your own thoughts I suppose. Things get better c:

Thanks bby (; 3 ;) I’m mostly upset over just…boo-shit. lol like mental stuff. I’m not exactly lonely, but just I have the time to /over/think things when I /am/ alone..So. (^__^);

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Wait, what happened?

Some idiot said, “Abortion is murder, it should be illegal!”. You see, she posted it on a public blog, so I left my opinion on anon messages. But because she was just so immature, she said things like “I don’t deserves to live” and twisted my words around, not to mention she couldn’t even answer I single question I asked her.

TL;DR some moron on tumblr got butt hurt that I had an opinion and closed her account because the truth was too much. She also said she would “report” me.