Orihime's Scrapbook: Dating Ishida

As requested by our-flame-never-goes-out. :)

Previously, we looked at the scrapbook that Rukia made about dating Ichigo. Now it is time to imagine what sort of scrapbook Orihime might make for Ishida, say as an engagement present when he finally pops the question. Here are the pictures and Orihime’s captions!

Picture #1: Ishida in his apron!

Remember how you insisted on cooking me dinner for our first date? You were so nervous - it was adorable! But the food you made was delicious. And your homemade “Last Quincy” apron was so cool!

Picture #2: Us at dinner!

Our first selfie together! I remember how much I had to coax you into actually leaning against me. But look at how happy you are with your head leaning against mine! Even if you are a little out of frame.

Picture #3: My dinner!

Of course, I had to make dinner for our second date. I took a picture of it because it looked so cool. ‘Course, this was before you told me that you were actually scared of weird foods. I still can’t believe you ate the whole plate!

Picture #4: You at the door <3

This is how you showed up for dinner. You came wearing a tie, with a bouquet of flowers. It was perfect.

Picture #5: The view from the hot air balloon

You went so all-out on the third date. I had never been up in a hot air balloon before!

Picture #6: You in the hot air balloon

I didn’t know it at the time, but this is right before you kissed me for the first time. You were steeling yourself up, weren’t you? :)

Picture #7: Pretending to drop stuff over the side!

A necessity in any hot air balloon ride.

Picture #8: Pajama party!

I don’t know - this might be one of my favorite early dates. Sitting in our pajamas, eating ice cream, watching stand-up, and snuggling. 

Picture #9: Sleepy Ishida

You kept insisting that you were super awake. But eventually, you just went to sleep on my lap. 

Picture #10: The walk

I’ll always remember this walk we took along the river. It’s when we said “I love you” to each other for the first time.

Pictures #11-15: Derpy faces!

This page is all about our derp faces! Because whenever your mind wanders, you make the silliest faces! And I love to make faces next to you and then snap a picture. Here are my favorites!

Picture #16: Ryuken dinner!

I still can’t believe we didn’t have dinner with your dad until we’d been dating for like 2 months! You were so nervous. But of course, your dad loves me so it went fine. Just a *little* dad-son arguing, huh?

Picture #17: Sorry I didn’t delete this!! <3

I know it’s not a pic that makes you look the best, but I just have to put it in here. This is from charades, remember? Me pretending to be Ichigo made you laugh so hard you cried. I had to take a picture!

Picutre #18: Our first weekend getaway

That B&B you found was really amazing. I had never been horseback riding before! 

Picture #19: Anniversary cake

Here’s the cake I got for our six-month anniversary from my bakery!

Pictures #20-25: (Other) Amazing Food

Cooking with you is always awesome. Here are some of my favorite things that we made together, or that one of us made for the other! 

Picture #26: Soul Society New Years Party

I loved bringing you as my date to Rukia’s party. Wasn’t Byakuya’s mansion amazing? So many lights! 

Picture #27: Midnight Dance

I got this from Sado - he took it. Look at how happy we look together. I remember thinking, during this dance, that I wanted it to go on forever.

Picture #28: Our most expensive dinner

As we like to call it. How long did you have to save up for this? Months, right? Man, it was so awesome!

Picture #29: Engaged!!!!

Our waitress took this pic, remember? I couldn’t stop smiling! And you - tears in your eyes? I love you.

Picture #30: Your toast

Are you proud of me? This pic is from the event going on right now - our engagement party. I took it, and then ran to add it to the scrapbook I’m about to give you. I just want to say: I love you so much. I can’t wait for our wedding. I can’t wait for our honeymoon. I can’t wait to spend every moment of my life with you! Thank you for all of the moments we’ve already had. I love you - so much!

I’m so amused how that IchiRuki person says that my Japanese is so hěn chà that I cannot be trusted in terms of Bleach IchiHime.  I have tackled her so many times when she tried to correct me (because she had studied Japanese in university) that I can easily recognize her style despite passing off as anonymous person. 

Here’s the thing, despite all the claims that these people (let’s give a benefit of doubt, shall we? let’s just say she’s a ICHIHIME FAN) that I don’t know Japanese very well, or better still, I DON’T KNOW JAPANESE AT ALL…..the one thing remains clear, the stuffs that I have QUOTED or SOURCES…..are basically thereThey are not 'my mind cooked it up/fantasy sources.THIS IS THE REASON WHY I CANNOT BE REFUTED(by her) BECAUSE I HAVE QUOTED FROM VALID SOURCES.

For instance, the one that I said about how Ichigo’s a little bit jealous of Inoue being close with Ishida but doesn’t really feel the same(jealous) in regards to Rukia(in fact Ichigo thinks that it’s a bother that people think Ichigo and Rukia are an item couple) was
And I even came here with another post talking the same thing….

I also put up here a post recently where it touches on how I think Ichigo’s feelings/intentions for Orihime…..

Notice any significance?  I quoted from Japanese Bleach RAWS, and not only that I EVEN PUT UP THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION to show the English translations similar to the Japanese RAWS. 

And in some parts, if Bleach manga sources are not enough, I even quote out other website links to prove that they do exist.

But that’s not the point.  The point here is….Orihime and….

The reason why I said Ichigo’s name is Ox King is because Go of Ichi-Go could also be used as a pun word for Bull, Ox which Susanoo(not the God of Moon, but the God of Storm THAT WERE VERY INVOLVED WITH THE ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL STORY OF TANABATA) is also called GOzu Tenno, as in OX-headed heaven king.
(yes, I too believe in quoting the source where I got it from…..it’s NOT SOMETHING I COOKED UP).

and, Ichigo (or Kubo Tite) said so, that the Ichi of Ichi-Go, means 'Number ONE' AWARD FOR 'Go'/’Protector Gods’, aka the 'Go'/'Protector God' gets The First Place(as in the Leader/King's place). / 一等賞の「一」に守護神の「護」だ


Hence, Ichi-Go == Number One + Ox == King + Ox == Ox King

I don’t believe in repeating the past, believe in bringing up my old posts.  What are the past are the past, whether it’s an accomplishment or not an accomplishment….you want to say something as your own it’s up to you.  But trying to ‘discredit my credibility as someone who is able to think PROPERLY based on the VALID AND TRUTHFUL sources’ based on what reason??  Well, I thought that’s only what Rugo fans does.

ps:: Btw….nobody who knows Japanese in FLOL(sheetz, maaru) has ever really argued my case off and beat me up because, like I said….I come with facts and examples and common senses, which means they agree with me.  And also ‘humbleness.  Even that a Japanese IchiHime fan INSIDE FLOL forum (the one who added on to Orihime/IchiHime drama omake drama CD) agreed with my theory about RENRUKI.  Either that or they don’t care about IchiHime.  That’s why I don’t brag about me or IchiHime.